Playing Video Games Can Actually Enhance Your Focus and Many Other Skills

It’s not uncommon to see headlines talking about how harmful playing video games can be for our health. However, the truth is that too much of anything is not good for us. On the other hand, just an hour of gaming a day can provide you with many benefits – like improving focus, concentration, memory, orientation to details, problem-solving, and many many more. Here are some examples.

Improve your focus

For example, research shows that playing video games can enhance your concentration and focus. A study focused on changes in brain activity included twenty-nine male students from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China that were both expert and non-expert gamers. It was initially observed that those with more experience and skill had more brain activity associated with attention. However, after an hour of gaming, both groups had improved visual selective attention and received similar results on the post-game assessment.

When it comes to the games that you can try your hand at and improve your concentration, the choices abound. For instance, studies suggest that high-energy action games are very useful in terms of filtering irrelevant information and focusing on the things that matter. 

Counter-Strike – a first-person shooter game where teams of counter-terrorists try to stop terrorists – is seen as beneficial as it can help you make a split-second decision on whether a person is on your team or not. Playing these kinds of games allows players to automatically allocate attentional resources, meaning that you will disregard information that is not relevant early on.

Boost your memory

Besides focus, video games can also boost your memory. While role-playing games where you have to remember spells, locations, and even cheats can be of great assistance, research suggests that action games actually improve “working memory performance”. 

With that in mind, games like the Call of Duty franchise, Battlefield, and Starcraft can all enhance your cognitive skills. Titles like these are available worldwide, so it’s not difficult to get started.

Help you with problem-solving

Video games also have the potential to help you improve your problem-solving skills. As many games require you to strategize in order to win, you need to think long and hard about how you will approach a certain problem.

For instance, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Civilization VI, and Crusader Kings III are just some of the strategy games available for PC. 

On the other hand, certain online casino games can also enhance your problem-solving skills. Games like poker and blackjack require a solid strategy, which will help you solve problems more efficiently, focus on the details, and always be alert. It’s rather easy to make the most of these games as they are available in many countries across the globe. Moreover, the best online casino in Canada, for example, is sure to provide players with great versatility of games and deals that can develop their skills further. 

Increase your creativity

In addition to focus, memory, and problem-solving, video games can also provide you with a boost in creativity. Games are not all about survival and catching the bad guy, although that can also be a factor in increasing your innovativeness. 

For instance, there are games like The Sims 4 where you get to build characters, homes, and entire worlds as well as control their lives in any way you like. Furthermore, with some skill, you can also produce custom content and express yourself in that way. 

Other games that can give you a boost in creativity include Minecraft, Fortnite, SimCity, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Enhance your social skills

Many people believe that playing video games would isolate you from others but it can actually play a big role in enhancing your social skills. Depending on the game, of course, players need to interact with other individuals in order to pass levels and succeed at their missions. 

For example, multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Elder Scrolls Online lead to players talking to each other, collaborating, and overall being more social.

Lower your anxiety levels

Among the many benefits of playing video games, you can also encounter lower anxiety levels. As protecting our mental health and relieving stress is something we need to do regularly, playing games such as Bejeweled 3, Treasure of Montezuma, Candy Crush, and Dots can do a lot to ease your anxieties. 

While these games don’t include running and shooting, research shows that the simple act of matching three symbols in a row and similar actions can reduce stress and result in a decreased production of cortisol. Besides a mood boost, these games can even lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.


We tend to disregard the many benefits of video games. Playing them for an hour a day can have its perks so consider taking up this hobby in your spare time.

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