4 Types of Games That Have Transformed the Online Slot Category

Online slots have gone from strength to strength over the years, thanks to increasingly sophisticated game design. All aspects of the industry have continued to evolve, bringing better graphics and more variety in the types of games being offered to players. These improvements have led to strong growth for online slots, with a report by Research and Markets stating that the category could be worth nearly $100 billion by 2025.

A lot of this success can be attributed to certain types of games that are being offered nowadays, transforming the online slot category beyond the boring digital slots that were offered in the past.

Original Characters

Many popular online slots offer their own unique characters, unavailable at standard casinos. Gonzo’s Quest, featuring the titular conquistador Gonzo, is one such title, being considered a timeless classic even 10 years on. Having an interesting mascot instead of simple symbols or gems helps to keep gamers engaged.

Slots Based on Popular Films

The most noticeable slots in this category are those based on DC superhero content. Various Batman and Superman films have inspired slots, as has the ongoing Wonder Woman franchise. However, it isn’t only the massive superhero franchises that get their own slots

Slot developers have also had fun reviving some older films for content. Games based on Rocky and The Matrix have popped up on a number of platforms, and a new title exclusive to the Gala Bingo casino gaming portal brings The Mummy back to life. This game in particular takes a very fun approach, combining content from the beloved adventure film with engaging modern graphics.

Original Series

It’s not just slots featuring original characters that have helped to boost the industry. There are numerous examples of slots based around an entirely original series. Age of the Gods, an online slot based on Greek mythology, was followed by multiple successful sequels, including Age of the Gods – Goddess of Wisdom and King of Olympus.

A familiar setting helps to draw players back in, especially when they have a positive experience with previous slots in the same series. It also allows for easy promotion of new releases without feeling forced, improving the visibility of these types of games even further.

Games Based on Legends & Myths

Of course, it’s hard not to mention Age of Gods without talking about the large selection of games based on various legends and myths. These topics are popular in most modern day media — Forbes has recently detailed how a Greek goddess inspired a recently released EP — so it’s no surprise to see this in online slots, too.

You have slots based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, ones based on Arthurian legends, and many like Leprechauns Luck that focus on the popular being from Irish folklore. Leprechauns see a lot of representation, due to their lucky nature and link to stashes of gold.

Egyptian myths see a lot of representation as well, with the many mysteries behind Cleopatra offering a suitable theme for online gaming. This theming has been popular since the inception of online slots, and only continues to improve with modern releases.

These four major categories are the primary reason behind the success of online slots. They continue to surpass what was offered in the past, both technically and via the use of different themes. This innovation is sure to continue over the next few years, potentially bringing an even greater variety of online games that blow away previous attempts.