Eight Fall Fashion Essentials 

A great fall wardrobe does not need to mean buying a whole new wardrobe. With these eight fall fashion essentials, you will be able to create countless looks for this coming season. Our closets are the best illustrations of our personal style and a closet with these essentials will always look effortlessly chic and put together. No longer will you have to spend hours figuring out what to wear! Adding these essentials will help streamline and curate your closet to only have the best this fall. 

Leather Blazer

The leather blazer has been the staple transitional outerwear piece for multiple seasons and the trend is here to stay. Creating the perfect fall wardrobe would be impossible without this outerwear staple. It is a versatile jacket that can be dressed up or down. It will go along with all the staples on this list and is particularly perfect for fashion enthusiasts that reside in warmer states. If your version of fall is a warm 75 degrees, the leather blazer is the perfect jacket! Go for a sleeker longer silhouette with minimal hardware for the ultimate outerwear staple this fall.

Knee High Black Boots

Boots have had their moment since the beginning of all fall fashion seasons but the ankle boot has long reigned as a wardrobe staple. Step aside as there is a new contender for the ultimate fall boot: knee high black boots. Midcalf and knee-high boots are having their moment and this key trend has made it big in 2021. A simple knee high black boot will match with everything in your fall wardrobe and it doesn’t hurt that you will own THE new fall shoe. 

White Sneakers

It is not ground-breaking and also highly likely that you already have this item in your closet. Fall colors can be dark, light, or muted but a white shoe makes your outfit the canvas. They let your outfit be the main focus and it doesn’t hurt that you can pair them with nearly any outfit. And while there’s nothing wrong with a clean sneaker, a slightly dirtied white sneaker also matches the rogue-ish aesthetic that is common in modern fashion. After all, Golden Gooses were a thing! 

Black Mini Skirt

Nothing is cuter and more classic than a black mini skirt. And “mini” is just a suggestion, feel free to choose what is “short” to you. The black mini skirt is definitely a closet staple but when paired with tights or socks, they are the perfect fall bottom! Black mini skirts are both versatile and flattering on every body type. Opting for an a-line cut can be flattering but choosing a form fitting mini is sexy and classic. 

Black Loafers 

Loafers have made a big return this year and for those of us who cannot afford the coveted Prada loafers, Fashion Nova is a great option for affordable loafers. Fall 2021 continues to embrace the chunky loafer trend and it seems this shoe will remain a staple for seasons to come. The shoe has been seen on celebrities, on runways, on models, and now it will be in your closet! 

Straight Leg Jeans

Thankfully the skinny jean trend died years ago. More classic and relaxed fits with thicker denims are “in” and the best jean shape has been decided: straight leg. A medium-wash straight leg pair of jeans is a fail-safe fall bottom. It is the basis to every outfit and can instantly make you look put together and classy. Denim brands such as Levi and Wrangler are capitalizing on this trend and for good reasons. What is better than a vintage pair of Levi’s?

White Button Up

A great white button up will make any outfit. There are so many choices for a white button up and yet it remains in-fashion regardless of the decade. A white button-up is a foundation piece to any wardrobe and investing in one will help elevate your closet. Every fall closet (and closet in general) needs a white button up.

Little Black Dress

It’s fall. It’s cold. But nothing warms an outfit and you up like a little black dress. Having a short little number is the perfect base piece for any fall occasion. Lulus is a great shop for something a little more formal while Fashion Nova is a good pick for something more sexy and flirty. It doesn’t matter if the LBD is styled by itself or under a coat, it will still MAKE the fit! And remember that tights and socks can make any summer piece an autumn staple!