How To Incorporate Trends Into Your Wardrobe

As new seasons come and go, the trends also change. And we all know that is not sustainable (or even affordable) to incorporate every single one of them into our personal style. So, how do make them work for you? We got answers

1. Finding your personal style 

The first step is to find what styles suit you better. Is it more urban? More casual? More romantic? To help you find yours, here’s an article that talks about the Seven Universal Styles.

2. Study the trends 

The next step is to study them. How? There are channels on YouTube specialized in studying trends, and at the beginning of each year and season, they tell us what are the predictions for the next few months. My favorite one is Modern Gurlz

By studying and getting to know the trends, you can understand better how to incorporate your favorite ones in a way that still makes sense with the clothes you already have. For example, if your style is more casual, doesn’t make much sense to buy a pink feather dress, right?


3. Purchase them from thrift stores or local brands

My favorite way to buy clothes is thrifting. Can be in a physical store or online, the experience of digging to find the perfect piece is one the best feelings in the world. As said before, since trends come and go, there are clothes at thrift stores that can suit the trends just right. Before going shopping, make a list and have in mind what type of pieces you are looking for so that you don’t get lost or end up buying something that doesn’t make sense. Thrift stores are usually more affordable than other brands, and the quality of the garments is also better. 

Another option is to buy from local and small brands, that way you are supporting a small business and not contributing to the Fast Fashion Industry Exploitation.


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