7 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Long-Distance Couples

Valentine’s Day celebrates one of life’s magical feelings—love. Lovers across the globe rejoice in the day by expressing acts of love and making one another feel special. Therefore, the day comes with many camaraderies, making it a notable and highly-anticipated moment.

Having your lover close to you on the day you celebrate love is a beautiful feeling. However, celebrating lovers who are distant apart needs intentional efforts to keep hearts together regardless of the distance. 

Suppose you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day away from your loved one; you don’t have to feel excluded. You can still make it a memorable experience for both of you with the following ideas:  

  • Send Valentine’s Day Flowers

When you send Valentines Day flowers to your partner or spouse, it may not be a ground-breaking initiative, but it’s always nice.  Having a bouquet of lovely sets of flowers hand-delivered to them is an amazing romantic gesture that’ll make them feel special and loved.

In fact, it becomes more beautiful when you have the flowers delivered to them away from home, probably at their workplace or where they least expect. You can be sure the gift will get some attention from people around them, making your partner or spouse feel even more cherished.


  • Send Special Gifts

Regardless of the distance, you can make your Valentine’s Day celebration much more beautiful by sending a gift across to your lover. Thankfully, there are several courier services available to make this possible. Today, most courier services offer special delivery packages to customers, especially during Valentine’s.

So, for this, you only have to think of the beautiful things your partner or spouse would love to have and have them delivered to them. The gesture will be well-appreciated by your lover and be taken as a form of love language. Well-delivered gifts sometimes speak louder than a thousand words. 

  • Ask A Friend To Deliver A Surprise

Who doesn’t love sweet surprises? Especially when it comes from your lover on Valentine’s Day. If you have a friend close to your partner or spouse, you can maximize the proximity to show some love to your distant lover.  

Your friend will serve as your messenger to deliver a heart-warming surprise to your lover in this scenario. But be creative enough to think of tactics that’ll make your package truly surprising. Ensure you explain the exact goal you intend to achieve to your friend so they can deliver an excellent job. And when they do, don’t forget to thank them. 

  • Record And Send Their Favorite Love Song 

Does your lover have a favorite love song? Then it would be best if you got set to exercise your vocal cords to deliver pleasant melodies to their hearing. You can do an audio recording or spice it up with a video of you singing their favorite song to them.

But you’ll need to choose the most romantic song they’ll like. You don’t need the most beautiful voice. Just invest your best effort and sing from the heart. If you’ve not been the singing type, then trying this will come across as new and daring to your partner or spouse, and that makes the gift more beautiful.

  • Surprise With A Show Up

There are no limits to what you can do to give a beautiful Valentine’s Day. While they may still be prepared to hear your voice alone across a distance, you can spice it up with a surprise visit.

So, plan a surprise visit and consider the distance you’ve shared over time. Getting to see you will be your lover’s greatest delight. Indeed, your lover craves your presence and will be glad to have you spend the day with them. If this is something you can achieve, give it a try; you’ll be happy you did.

  • Play A Game Together

This can be one of the easiest gifts to give to your distant lover. There are several games you can play over the phone. Better still, choose an online game both of you love and enjoy playing.

Honestly, the engagement and interaction that come with playing games add beautiful sparks of affection to your relationship. You can make it more attractive by choosing to play a first-time game. Games will fill your time together with memorable experiences of lovers’ communion.

  • Be Their First And Last Person

Getting up a little early in the morning on Valentine’s Day to speak to your partner or spouse can give the day a beautiful beginning. Let them wake to the sound of your voice. And after going through your day, create a reasonable amount of time to talk with them before they sleep. Night conversations can be so good that it makes them feel like you’re with them. Discuss everything from the first date until the moment.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t get any easier than this. Distance no longer has to be a barrier between you and your lover. With the tips highlighted in this article, you can give your partner or spouse a moment and experience to always remember even when they’re miles away.

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