5 Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Try Out Today

Choosing the right makeup look for your face, eyes, skin tone and occasion can be challenging. Not every look suit everyone. And with the internet packed with numerous beauty influencers and makeup artists and even more of their tutorials, it can be even more confusing to find the right makeup look for you. However, learning the basics can significantly level up your makeup routine. The good news is that you don’t have to become a makeup artist in order to achieve that, but you need to have a little time to try out the basics and find out what suits you the best. So, we made a list of some of the most basic makeup looks/techniques that will elevate your look in no time. Keep on reading and find out which makeup looks to master first.

1. No Makeup Makeup


The makeup look you will be wearing the most is the no-makeup makeup look. This look is a great choice if you just want to bring out the natural beauty of your face. It is perfect for every occasion but, especially when you need to look a bit more professional and serious. The natural no-makeup makeup look is all about covering imperfections like redness and dark circles and highlighting the best of your face. For a natural healthy glow, this is the look you should go for.

2. Basic Smokey Eye


Smokey eye is all about blending. You start with a lighter shade and work your way down to the eyelash line with darker and darker eyeshadow colors. This technique is great for small eyes as it will make them appear bigger. In case you want to achieve that rock and punk look, a smokey eye is definitely the right choice.

3. Halo Eye Makeup


If you have a set of eyes that are a bit further apart, this makeup techniques will suit you the best. However, if your eyes are more closely set, this is not the look you should be going for. You might wonder why this is so? Because in order to create a halo eye, the edges of your eyelid are darker while the middle part is supposed to stand out with a lighter color. So, give it a try and see for yourself if this makeup look is the best choice for you.

4. The Cut Crease


Going for a Cut Crease is the perfect solution if you want your eyes to look bigger and give them deepness. It is a technique that might scare you away at first but, once you try it you’ll see that creating a cut crease is easier than it looks. Plus this look will give a bit of that ’60s vibe and is used to create that exotic Arabic look too but with more color and eyeliner.

5. Red Lip & Winged Eyeliner Look


For a glamorous yet simple and elegant look, red lips & eyeliner are a perfect choice. Not only will you get ready in no time but you will most definitely stand out from the crowd. This look brings your eyes out while the red lips will make you stand out from the crows. This is definitely one of the most feminine and sexiest makeup looks to try out. In case you are struggling with eyeliner, read our article on how to do the perfect cat-eye.

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