6 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Belongings at College

Whether you’re a college student or a part-time worker, staying organized is essential. However, keeping track of your things, assignments, and due dates becomes harder the busier you get. If you don’t create an effective labeling system, you risk losing your stuff or missing out on grades.

How to Keep Track of Your Things While in College

From building a large storage unit to labeling your belongings, there are plenty of things you can do to make organization in college a breeze. Here are X ways to make everything easier to find.

1. Get a Planner for Your Assignments

It’s hard to remember every assignment from all of your classes, but an inexpensive planner will do the trick. When picking a planner, decide how you want to use it. Do you want a monthly, weekly, or daily view? How about all three? Do you have enough space to write little notes?

You can also use your planner to keep track of your personal items, as well. For example, you could add a sticky note to your planner that says “left shelf, Econ book” or “chapter 7, econ.”

2. Make Shelves and Buy Hide-Away Cubbies

College students make the mistake of throwing all of their things in a drawer or half-hazardly on a desk, but what happens when you need something? You may spend hours looking for that one book you need or a fresh battery for your laptop. That’s a recipe for anxiety and frustration.

For this reason, you should buy shelves that keep everything you need in plain sight. Make sure you can read all of the spines. Items kept loose can be stored in cubbies if they’re labeled.

3. Get Custom Stickers to Put On Your Stuff

Your college roommates will likely purchase a similar-looking binder, backpack, or water bottle, and there’s nothing worse than grabbing the wrong one. You can use custom stickers from sites like StickerYou to label everything that’s yours. Consider using symbols or just your name.

If you can’t use stickers, consider using embroidery or patches that match your stickers. That way, everything you own will be immediately recognizable to you and your dorm/roommates. 

4. Color-Code Your Notes and Your Belongings

Color coding is really useful because it’s multifaceted. For example, you can use a red pen for tests, a blue pen for assignments, and a green pen for volunteer work. You can even color-code your belongings by selecting an all-green binder set or by choosing green covers for electronics.

It’s best to choose colors that aren’t typically used or manufactured. Pink, black, gray, blue, and red electronics are super common, but purple, orange, green, brown, and yellow aren’t.

5. Create a Filing or Multiple Backpack System

A small filing system is perfect for loose papers, especially if they’re important and aren’t used every day. However, you can also use an easy-to-grab filing system that includes separate notebooks and handouts. On the other hand, you could try out the multiple backpack system.

If you’re able to purchase 5 backpacks (or 3, depending on your course load), you can place your materials for each weekday in each bag. This makes it harder to forget your binders.

6. Protect Yourself Against Theft With Locks

Placing valuable items out in the open is a bad idea, even if you trust the people in your dorm. Your wallet, headphones, smartphone, glasses, prescription sunglasses, medicine, and toiletries should be locked up when they aren’t used, as these items are often stolen in college dorms.

If you often forget where you leave your things, purchase anti-theft Tile stickers that link to your smartphone. That way, you can use the Tile app to ring the sticker or track the lost item.


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