9 Smart Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room

Anyone who has ever lived in a dorm can tell you organization is key. These small spaces quickly become cluttered when inhabited by busy young people who rarely have time to clean and organize. To keep the chaos to a minimum, start using good organizational habits early in your college career. That will help you keep your dorm clean and tidy. Here are some of the top tips for organizing your dorm room effectively.

Use Vertical Space as Much as Possible

Since dorm rooms are so small, it’s important to use the space you have well. Use vertical racks and upright organizers to store as many of your clothes and belongings as possible without taking up much floor space. Even unused areas like the back of your door can become useful storage spaces with the right hanging storage solutions.

Make Full Use of the Space Under Your Bed

The space under your bed is valuable real estate. While some students leave this area empty, plastic storage containers or roll-out bins usually fit perfectly. Use them for extra storage. While you probably shouldn’t store everyday necessities in this space, you can easily store items you need less often. For example, you can stow a winter coat away, then pull it back out when the weather turns colder.

Consider Sharing a Dresser With Your Roommate

If you’re on good terms with your roommate, consider sharing a dresser. Having only one dresser will help to conserve space and leave more room open for other storage options. Ideally, your shared dresser should be relatively tall and have a small footprint. Sharing a dresser will also force both of you to avoid accumulating clothes that aren’t used frequently. This, in turn, will keep your dorm less cluttered.

Have a File Folder for Each of Your Classes

Nothing is worse than searching through your dorm room for the materials you need for your next class 15 minutes before it begins. To keep your course materials organized, create a separate file folder for each of your classes. Then, dedicate a drawer, a box, or a hanging file holder for these folders so you can always find them quickly. Getting into this habit will help you keep your room more organized and ensure you have everything you need for your classes in a convenient place.

Look Into Modular Furniture

Even in a small dorm room, it’s important to have sitting room for classmates, friends and guests. The problem is that many larger pieces of furniture simply won’t fit into the typical dorm room. Modular furniture is the quickest way to fix this issue. You can configure modular furniture to fit the space. Try adding a modular sofa to enjoy movies, study sessions, or just evening conversations with your friends in a setting that’s more private than college common areas.

Find a Convenient Spot for a Mini Fridge

Even if you have a meal plan through your college, you’ll still want a small fridge in your dorm room for drinks, snacks, and the occasional meal. Although a fridge is essential, it will take up valuable space. Try to find a spot that is convenient and otherwise unused. Putting a fridge under your desk, for example, helps save dedicated floor space. Alternatively, you can put the fridge in an easily accessible part of your closet if you have extra space there.

Try to Keep Spaces Separate

Although you’re trying to make use of every inch of space, it’s important to create some separation between areas. Study spaces, dressing areas, makeup stations, and storage should all have specific spaces within your dorm room. Keeping things in their designated spaces will help prevent clutter and ensure that you always know where everything is when you need it.

Establish Good Communication With Your Roommate

Few things will make your dorm life more miserable than constantly butting heads with your roommate over how to organize your room. Strive for open dialogue with your roommate early on so you can make decisions about organizing the space together. Agreements on personal storage space will also help you avoid misunderstandings later.

Evaluate the Items You Need Regularly

Living successfully in a dorm room is all about having only the things you really need. Every so often, try to go through the items you haven’t used in a while and decide whether they’re really necessary to keep in your dorm. Getting unused items out of your room a few times a year can keep the space neat and organized.

Now that you’ve seen our top tips for organizing your dorm room, let’s hear some of yours! Comment below with the tips, tricks, and hacks that have helped you maintain order and organization in your college dorm.

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