How to Choose Bracelets for Every Occasion 

Every piece of jewelry tells a story that not many people understand. It takes some experience and a bit of trial and error to match that story to your unique needs and style. There are two main types of bracelets based on when they can be worn. These are formal bracelets worn during special events and casual bracelets for everyday wear. We have discussed these two types and how to choose the right one in the subsequent sections. 

Formal Bracelets: Embrace the Special Moments 

Formal bracelets are perfect for important corporate celebrations or other special events, such as weddings or family reunions. Here, a diamond tennis bracelet would work best as it elevates your look and symbolizes elegant sophistication. You can wear a tennis bracelet with any outfit, provided it perfectly complements the event and provides the right sparkle and style. 

Based on your needs, you can style your diamond bracelet further and enhance its appearance by trying a few styling hacks. For instance, pair your tennis bracelet with an elegant pair of shiny white gold or diamond earrings in a stud or hoop style. You can also try a gold or silver watch and all-black clothing for that ultra-luxe style. Remember, there’s no wrong or right way to wear your tennis bracelet; you can try as many styles as possible to see if the overall look is worth the effort.

Brighten Your Daily Style 

If you love to go casual with an easy and practical bracelet, then perhaps a beaded bracelet would work just fine. The idea is to keep it simple while still looking polished and put together. You can also stack a couple of bracelets with a comfortable tee or top if you want to go extra casual on a calm or sunny day. When creating this bracelet stack, ensure the chosen types come in varying shapes and weights, but keep the metal color not far from one another. 

However, if you are in for that street style look, feel free to break some fashion rules so you can spark that visual interest. If you are to mix the metal colors, ensure there’s a match with the necklaces or rings. Be sure not to mix many colors, as this can turn your style into a messy look.  

Choosing a Bracelet: What You Should Know 

Whether you are buying an expensive diamond bracelet for your loved one or a simple summer bangle bracelet for your everyday casual wear, always pay attention to the four factors below:


Every bracelet’s quality score depends on the style, material, and design. Most tennis bracelets, for instance, come in gold or platinum, and you can evaluate the quality based not only on the metal but also the stone type. The stone’s quality directly affects the shine and sparkle of the bracelet. For beaded or leather bracelets, check the beads’ texture or the leather material’s strength and origin. 

Styles and Settings

Whether you want to accessorize your favorite outfit or inspire a new look, choosing the right piece of jewelry is an excellent place to start. Bracelets come in various styles and settings designed to match your unique taste. Tennis bracelets, in particular, are available in multiple styles and designs, allowing you to pick what works well for your individual needs. 

These bracelets may contain one, two, or even three rows of diamonds. As far as the cut and symmetry is concerned, the most common options are round-cut, emerald-cut, and princess-cut stones, so you can choose one that works for your style. Similarly, some tennis bracelets may feature prong-set, bezel-set, or channel-set diamonds.  


Most bracelet types are easy to resize, and even those that do not fit perfectly are wearable in most cases. Women’s bracelets typically range between 7 and 7.5 inches, while men’s bracelets are larger by an inch or two. If you are unsure about the size, always go for a bigger size as it is easier to reduce the length and size than it is to extend.


When purchasing a bracelet as a gift for a friend or loved one, ensure you know their style and preferences. If you cannot ask them what they want, it’s better to choose a versatile bracelet adaptable to various personal styles, such as a diamond or beaded bracelet. You can also use a bracelet guide to select the perfect style and setting based on the occasion, such as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or wedding gift. 


Jewelry selection can be daunting, especially if you are a newbie and aren’t used to the several styles and designs. When buying bracelets, ensure you understand the basics and use a reliable guide to inform your decision-making. Where necessary, seek help from a trustworthy jeweler or fashion designer.

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