Diary of the Undateable - page 2

Apr 4, 2014

The Bad Date That Won't Die [Diary of the Undateable]

My friend Lenia was in town for the weekend. We caught up over sushi and plum wine in Cobble Hill when she mentioned that one of her OkCupid matches wanted to meet up with her that night. As she showed me the text, I noticed his name before anything else – Mitt.

Mar 28, 2014

New Beginnings Don't Always Guarantee New Outcomes [Diary of the Undateable]

I deleted my OkCupid profile at the beginning of the year. I figured that I needed a fresh start. I had it for a good 24 months, met two douchebags and a handful of creeps who sent really uncomfortable messages. The page had bad vibes, man. So I started fresh and made a brand new one.

Mar 21, 2014

Maybe It's Time We Start Negotiating Our Non-Negotiables [Diary of the Undateable]

What I don’t have are non-negotiables – dating deal breakers. It’s not like I’ve dated tons and tons of guys, so there aren’t any huge no-no’s that I’ve established.

True Life: I Just Might Be Thirsty [Diary of the Undateable]

Whenever I like a guy – I mean really, really like a guy – I somehow lose all of my hard-earned, Howard-educated judgment and morph into a third grader.

Mar 14, 2014

How "Just Go With the Flow" Relationships Are a Trap [Diary of the Undateable]

If you know that you care about someone and the feeling’s mutual, who needs a title or even a Facebook status? Just be. But that’s how girls get caught up.

Mar 7, 2014

The Curious Case of #BrokeBoy [Diary of the Undateable]

When is it ever okay for a boy (not a man) to ASK a young lady who he barely knows to take HIM out? My mans, aren’t you supposed to be impressing me?

Feb 28, 2014

Feb 21, 2014

Extinguishing an Old Flame For Good [Diary of the Undateable]

Men – not boys – go after what they want. If they like you, or are even remotely interested, they WILL get you…or at least try.

Feb 14, 2014

I'm My Own Valentine, And I'm Okay With That [Diary of the Undateable]

This year, it’s just me, myself and I. And I’m starting to realize that that might be best…not just on February 14, but for a little while.

Feb 7, 2014

Just Because I'm "Undateable" Doesn't Mean I Can't Be Selective [Diary of the Undateable]

Let’s be honest here. Looks aren’t everything and certainly shouldn’t be, but they play a huge part in dating – especially online dating, where much of the importance is placed on the perfect profile picture.

Jan 31, 2014

Why "The Steve Harvey Show" Rejected Me [Diary of the Undateable]

It was a call for essays from Michael Ealy's Biggest Fan. "How would you like to look directly into those bedroom eyes? It can happen, right here on the Steve Harvey show!" Girl, I was SOLD.

Jan 24, 2014

What's the Best Way to Break Up? [Diary of the Undateable]

During the holidays, I tinkered with Tinder and even dusted the cobwebs off of my 2-year-old Plenty of Fish profile, making sure to avoid OkCupid at all costs. It’s not a permanent goodbye, but I’ve already met enough douchebags on there.

Jan 17, 2014

I Really Don't Know How to Date [Diary of the Undateable]

There’s nothing wrong with casual dating, of course. I just don’t know if I’m cut out for it because I don’t know what I’m doing, and because I’ve never been in a real relationship.

Jan 10, 2014

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, Part II [Diary of the Undateable]

Like the rest of the free world, I played Beyonce's fifth album on repeat as soon as it dropped. After the 4444th listen, I realized that Bey wasn’t making music for all the single ladies anymore – she was doing it for the lovers. The committed. The dateable.