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The Breast Exercises for Perfect Boobs [CC’s ShapeU]


Boobs. Who doesn’t love them? Boobs are funny because, when you think about it, they’re nothing special: we’ve all got ’em. And yet, everyone is OBSESSED with them. Doctor Seuss said it best, “Two Boobs, Four Boobs, Big Boobs, More Boobs” – wait, that was fish. Anyway, wouldn’t it be great if we could improve our chest? Well, aside from going under the knife (hell-to-the-no, we’re au natural), making our boobs bigger isn’t gonna happen. But, we can make them perfectly perky! Yes, that’s right, it’s totally possible to boost your bust, and like your most trusted bra, ShapeU has you covered, and with full support.

All emphatically intended puns aside, this is no laughing matter. We can perk and perfect our ta-tas in just five easy moves – yeah, it’s a BFD. And as a booby-bonus (thank you CC for the only chance to use that phrase ever), thanks to Cosmo, all you have to do is finish two to three sets, 15-20 reps each, of the gravity-defying, sag-eliminating, chest-transforming exercises for a complete workout that will bring your bust to the next level.

Here’s the routine:

Pectoral Flys Grasping two dumbbells, lie on your back on the floor or bench. Bring your arms straight to your sides and lift dumbbells above your chest, internally rotating shoulders, with elbows pointing out to sides. Lower the dumbbells to your sides until you feel your chest muscles are stretched with your elbows in a slightly bent position and repeat.

Chest Press Lie with your back to the floor or bench, clutch your dumbbells and position your hands to the sides of your chest with bent arms. Press the dumbbells up with elbows to the side until your arms are extended over your chest, then lower the weights to the sides of your upper chest and repeat.

Push-Ups Lie facing the floor with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Keeping your core tight and your body straight, raise your body slightly off the floor by extending your arms. Then, lower your body to the floor by bending your arms and repeat.

Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise Grasp dumbbells in front of your thighs. Keeping your elbows and hips slightly bent, raise your upper arms to your sides until your elbows are shoulder height, lower slowly and repeat.

Ab Plank Set yourself up in a push up position on the floor, resting your weight on your forearms and bending them at 90 degrees beneath your shoulders. Keep your body tight and in a straight line. Hold in this position for one minute and repeat.

Don’t forget to aim for 15-20 reps of each exercise, and cycle through al five moves a total of two to three times!

Want more tips for getting Kate Upton boobs? Cosmo’s got your back…er, your front. Check out 7 Ways to Perky Boobs to improve your ladies the natural way! Breast of luck! (I know, I’m sorry).

    I'm an AFAA certified fitness instructor and I adore my job. I'm also an undergrad studying neuroscience, and health and wellness. I love kickboxing and running (which might be for the endorphins). I spend way too much time on my hair, drink seltzer with every meal and eat pretty much anything made of chocolate. I love inspirational quotes and I'm a total cornball when it comes to my sense of humor. Contact me: @google+ @website