11 Ways To Ask Someone To Move Out [Dude’s List]

There’s no good way to tell someone to move out. And how do you get the other person to take you seriously? I mean, it can be a bit delicate, right? There are some risks involved but the most important thing is to make sure they take you seriously. Also, it has to be serious enough that they need to feel so unwanted in this living space, that they WANT to leave. Here are 11 ways to drop the hint that your roomie should go bye-ee! (NOTE: To celebrate this Dude’s List, enjoy a gallery full of our favorite roommates in TV history!) I won’t tell you which ones I’ve done…have had done unto me. I will say that all of these will get your message across, one way or the other. What are your roommate horror stories? How did you get them to go? Leave your knowledge bombs in the comments section below. Moving day! The Dude [Lead image via Yeko Photo Studio/Shutterstock]