25 Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Your Future Roommate

Having a roommate is tricky business. We’ve all heard stories of horrible roommates that eat all the food, are rude, and don’t clean up after themselves. We’ve heard the stories of matches made in heaven where roommates end up best friends for life. There are also roommates that don’t really interact with each other, but coexist in the same space in an unspoken mutual respect for each other. Unless you know your roommate before you move in, there’s no way of insuring which one you’ll get, but there is a way to attempt a smooth sailing year. Setting some ground rules and getting to know each other early on in the process is the best way to if determine your roommate will be your bridesmaid one day or if you’ll both be sitting in a jail cell by the end of the year. If you’re roommate wasn’t born an asshole, the two (or however many there are) of you won’t cross the boundaries and will live happily ever after.

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