50 Texts You'll Send Your Roommate This Semester

college roommates

The only person you text later at night than your booty call? Your roomie. Whether she’s your instant best friend or some rando that you can’t wait to ditch, your college roommate will know you on a different level than the rest of your friends, for better or for worse. And sometimes you’ll need her to unlock the door. Or borrow her dry shampoo. Or ask if you can have some privacy with said booty call for an hour. Just try to go a semester without sending your roommate every single one of these texts.

1. “I was drunk last night and ate all your leftovers. Sorry.”

2. “Wait. Did you eat my food?”

3. “You’re having your period? Me too!!”

4. “Will you come get lunch with me? I don’t want to sit alone.”

5. “Was the WiFi being weird for you earlier?”

6. “I feel gross. We should start going to the gym.”

7. “Is it okay if my friend from home visits next weekend? We’ll just be sharing my twin bed.”

8. “OMG. Delete that picture I look terrible.”

9. “Seriously if that ends up on your Snap story I’ll murder you when you’re sleeping.”

10. “Let’s order Chinese tonight.”

11. “I’m not showering again today. Don’t judge me.”

12. “I don’t have anything to wear. Can I look through your closet?”

13. “Did you wear my shirt?” *Sends picture from last weekend*

14. “Will you make sure I’m awake for my 8 am tomorrow? You might need to shake me, but I can’t miss this class again.”

15. “I feel like my boobs look really good tonight.”

16. “Would you be my friend if I looked like this?” *Sends ridiculous face selfie*

17. “Who was that girl you said talked to your ex? I need to stalk her on Facebook.”

18. “I’m locked out. Again.”

19. “We could just stay in and watch a movie or something tonight.”

20. “Get back from class already! I want to finish OITNB.”

21. “Don’t let me go home with anyone tonight.”

22. “Is it okay if Aaron comes back to the room?”

23. “Think you could give us a ride?”

24. “I’ll buy you Wendy’s if you drive.”

25. “w’re outzide.”

26. “Is it possible to die from a hangover?”

27. “Can you send me the pics from last night?”

28. “Our neighbors are playing that awful dubstep sh*t again.”

29. “Can I borrow your headphones?”

30. “Please tell me you have dry shampoo.”

31. “We really need to vacuum.”

32. “Did they let people back in after the fire drill yet?”

33. “My parents are visiting this weekend. Any snack requests?”

34. “I need you to do my makeup later.”

35. “I haven’t left my bed all day.”

36. “Would you come to this club meeting with me this afternoon? I don’t want to go alone.”


38. “Which filter do you like better on this Instagram for this pic of us?”

39. “Wine night?”

40. “Nvm. Just heard about a party at Sig Ep. We’re going.”

41. “Did you see the YouTube video I sent you on Facebook?!”

42. “Are you alive?!”

43. “Your hamper is overflowing and it’s embarrassing me.”

44. “Did you see the picture Julie just uploaded?!”

45. “Put a bra on. Mallory and Kayla are coming over.”

46. “I’m freaking out over Brandon liking this girl’s Instagram pic.”

47. “I’m freaking out about this final.”

48. “I’m freaking out because I don’t know what I’m doing in this life at all.”

49. “How am I going to make it this break without you?”

50. “Where are you? I miss you.”

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