Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith Duet on “Stay With Me”

Are you counting down the hours until it’s officially Halloweekend? Luckily, you can play this impromptu duet on repeat to cheer you up until it’s time to put on your costume. In the video below, Ed Sheeran just casually strolls on stage to duet with Sam Smith on his hit single. It’s unclear if Sam Smith is expecting him or not, but he certainly rolls with it. He must have had at least a little clue, because their arm waving is pretty in sync.

I never cared much for Ed Sheeran, because I just thought of him as the ginger that Taylor Swift was constantly friend zoning. With his track throwing shade at Ellie Goulding (side note: how good would a duet of “Don’t” with Goulding be?) and his fun friendship with Sam Smith, I’m re-thinking my feelings.

Ed Sheeran joined his buddy on stage at Manchester’s Albert Hall. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the show, the janky video below should satisfy you.

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