7 Things That Are Only Socially Acceptable During Finals

Finals are a time when anything goes — a lawless time if you will. No longer are you bound by the constraints of what is socially acceptable, because when you’ve spent 99% of your waking hours in the library, it’s excusable to push the boundaries just a little.
So, go ahead, let yourself live in a world where you only have to shave half your legs — a world where a balanced diet consists of processed sugar and 2AM spoonfuls of peanut butter.

1. The mid-calf leggings shave. You all know you do it.

final exam
Perfect for when you have exactly 7.5 minutes to shower, this look is crucial to pull off the mid calf leggings/dirty t-shirt (see #4) look. Because (let’s be honest), the only person who’s going to be close enough to know if you’ve shaved your legs is the poor soul stuck sitting next to you during peak library hours.

2. A diet consisting of primarily of Diet Coke.

diet coke
Bonus points if it’s warm Diet Coke because you’ve already chugged all the cold ones in your fridge. Extra bonus points if you have to explain to your parents why your most recent Amazon Prime order included a mass DC purchase.

3. And Nutella, don’t forget Nutella.

Most often eaten by the spoonful, sometimes while crying into the jumbo sized jar you bought on a whim at Costco. Whoever said it was important to eat a balanced meal before a test obviously didn’t understand the pain of running on two hours of sleep.

4. Recycling clothes.

finals week
The rules change during finals. That shirt might have been considered dirty a month ago but during December we like to call it lightly worn. You’re way too attached to your favorite sweatshirt to waste two crucial hours washing it.

5. Hugging strangers.

free hugs
Finals have a way of bringing people together. You may not be friends in the normal world that is the rest of the semester, but during the finals vortex? You’re BFFs ready to support each other through even the toughest of tests.

6. Texting only in emojis.

You’ve spent too much time writing that 15-page research paper to mess with actual words in your texts. Your most recently used emojis heavily feature the crying laughing one and red wine glass (it’s a fantasy, not a representation of your current, sad reality).

7. Facebook stalking people you haven’t seen since high school.

facebook stalking
You obviously woke up two hours early to get a prime spot in the library in order to see who that girl you knew from 9th grade is currently dating. Everyone needs a study break, so no judgment when you happen to notice what weird things other people are doing on their computers.

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