New 50 Shades of Grey Interview Is 50 Shades of Awkward

Just in case you were worried that the Fifty Shades of Grey leads lack any chemistry at all, this interview is definitive proof that they probably hate each other, and not in the hot, angsty kind of way. Throughout their brand spanking new Glamour interview, both fidget, look at each other awkwardly, and act like they would rather be literally anywhere else on the planet. Look, if I wanted to see two people act incredibly awkward around each other, I would make my way to a dining hall on a Friday morning to see everyone avoiding their hook-ups from last night. I wouldn’t pay hard-earned money to see celebrities look at the floor and play with their cuticles, because that’s called going to class, or watching Twilight. These two look like they hate the idea of this movie even more than reviewers do. They’re as uncomfortable talking sex as your mother was when she gifted you with Our Bodies, Ourselves when you were younger. There’s sexual tension, and then there’s hating someone so much you can’t help but give them serious side eye. [youtube]