13 Times Amber Rose Slayed On Instagram

Now that you know exactly who Amber Rose is and why she’s feuding with the Kardashian family, it’s understandable that you’d be kind of obsessed with her. After all, she’s got booty like a Kardashian, only she has far more agency, just like a feminist. If you’re secretly following the Kardashian sisters and their every move, loving¬†Amber Rose is really the best of both worlds.
If you can’t stop secretly stalking her Instagram, you’re not alone — she has 4.8 million Insta followers (casual). You might be a little bit jeallyfish if you’re still struggling to reach that 12 likes milestone, but you’re probably not posting photos in outfits that could double as dental floss.

While there are lots of booty¬†pictures because that’s what the internet’s into, there are also ~inspirational~ feminist messages, adorable pictures of her baby, and on fleek fashion. Girlfriend even creates her own memes to bring the Kardashian klan down, so she’s definitely kreative. Before you say no to following her because there’s too much twerking, know that there’s also a whole lot of hysterical photos worthy of The Fat Jew — in fact, even he approves.

[Images via Instagram]

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