20 Dates HE Will Actually Love

Would your guy rather chill on the couch than go out? Does he dread fancy dinners or going dancing? Maybe you need to get more creative with your date ideas. Check out these guy-oriented dates that will guarantee both of you have a good time.

1. Batting Cages

Take turns sharpening your swing. He’ll enjoy doing something active that’s a total throwback to his Little League days. Don’t worry about not being a slugger – maybe he can give you some tips. Grab some ice cream after you’re done showing off.

2. Shooting

Head to a shooting range and test your skills. Archery is also getting more popular if you feel like letting out your inner Katniss.

3. Go-Karts

Racing will bring out the little kid in both of you. Plus, if he wins, you gets a nice ego boost. If you win, you can make sure he never forgets it.

4. Fishing

Head to the lake or the ocean and cast out. Even if you’re not grossed out by worms and fish, it’ll be nice to have your guy there to help you reel in a big one.

5. Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great workout and trying something new will be exciting. Cheer each other on as you reach the top!

6. Museum Trip

Find an interesting museum in your area and spend the day wondering through the exhibits. So cultured.

7. Pizza Crawl

It’s like a bar crawl for everyone’s favorite food! Make a list of pizza places in your area that you like or want to try. You’ll have fun ranking the slices and getting super full.

8. Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is severely underrated. It’s so fun and a good chance to do something different. Get competitive – loser has to buy dinner.

9. Couples Massage

Guys are sometimes too shy to book a massage for themselves, but he will thank you (repeatedly) for introducing such a great experience. Plus, it really sets the mood for later.

10. Poker Night

Invite some friends over for cards and beer. Your boy gets the chance to win big against his friends, and the game might turn into strip poker once everyone leaves.

11. Biking

Ride bikes around your town. It’s a great way to spend a nice day and perhaps discover cool spots that you pass too quickly most of the time.

12. Fair or Carnival

Eat some junk food, ride the ferris wheel, and try to win a few prizes. With so many things to do, there’s no way either of you will be bored.

13. Outdoor Concert

Enjoy a summer night by spreading out a blanket and listening to some music. There are plenty of free options in many towns!

14. Ice Skating

This fun winter activity is a must for couples. Laugh as you stumble onto the rink and help each other out when you feel unsteady. Grab some hot chocolate in between spins around the rink to warm up.

15. Brewery Tour

Find a local brewery and spend a couple hours taking a tour…and of course trying a few samples. Your guy will love learning how his favorite drink is made, and you’ll look like the best girlfriend ever.

16. Beach Day

Pack up the car and spend the day soaking up the sun, collecting sea shells, and swimming. Besides being a great excuse for him to take his shirt off, you’ll both enjoy the chance to kick back.

17. Hiking

Find a trail that neither of you have been on before and spend the day exploring. You can even pack a picnic lunch for when you find a nice, scenic spot.

18. Aquarium or Zoo

Who doesn’t love animals? You’ll be surprised at how much fun aquariums and zoos can be, even as adults.

19. Racetrack

Bet on the ponies! Spend the day having some beers while you place your bets. Even if you don’t win big, it’s a great outdoor activity with lots to do.

20. Cooking Class

Guys love to eat, and so do you. Learn some skills in the kitchen while pigging out – double win.

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