Stop The Knot: Drive By Barbers Chopping Off Man Buns

Is your favorite new hairstyle sweeping the nation the man bun? It’s understandable, as lumbersexuals are the best of both worlds — they have enough hair products on hand to make your walk of shame convenient, but they still look like they could survive in a forest a la Bear Grylls. If you’re into the man bun in all its messy glory, your best bet is to move to Brooklyn, where they run rampant in the streets, much like those rogue llamas. (Let’s be real, you know if Gossip Girl had continued Dan totally would’ve rocked one.)

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who just don’t understand dudes rocking perfectly coiffed hairdos. They’re seeking revenge against hipsters forming baby man buns by chopping them off. It would all be much more believable if one of the barbers didn’t have a handlebar mustache, which is far more offensive than Hozier hair.

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