Celebrate Man Bun Monday With Hozier's New Video

If you’re a proponent of “Man Bun Monday,” you’re going to love the new Hozier video for “Someone New.” Hozier teased the video on his Facebook page, but it’s finally here in all of its hipster glory.
hozier natalie dormer
“Someone New” stars Natalie Dormer, who you might recognize fromĀ Game of Thrones orĀ The Hunger Games (which explains her weird hairdo). It also features lots of man buns in training, handsome hipsters, and the type of lost girl narrative that has been plaguing indie songs for ages.

Dormer’s basically playing you after too many drinks, because she’s a make out queen. It’s much darker than “Take Me to Church,” but you’ll still play it on repeat and dream about the day Hozier will fall for you.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPJSsAr2iu0&w=640&h=315]

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