21 Before 21 College Candy Challenge: 21 Things You Have To Do Before Your 21st Birthday


In honor of my imminent 20th year of life (on May 28th, y’know, in case you wanted to send ya girl a gift), I’ve decided to start a challenge/bucket list for myself. I have dubbed said challenge the #CC21b421 or College Candy 21 before 21 challenge. While I realize that everyone that reads College Candy isn’t 20, turning 21 in a year, I invite all of you to join me on this year long journey in accomplishing 21 goals you’ve set out for yourself. This year has been especially hard for me with going into my junior year of college, one of my best friend’s transferring schools, and my first breakup (which is another post in itself), but I have realized that those experiences have only made me stronger and that I now look forward to creating and having new experiences- of course on the more happy side of things this time. Now, your goals don’t have to mirror mine, but if you’re looking for a guideline feel free to follow this one. Here is my #CC21b421 list. I hope you all enjoy!

Karen’s #CCC21b421

1. Go on a vacation

2. Dedicate a week to myself this summer to disconnect and RELAX. Meaning (as little as possible) social media & technological

3. Take more pictures. At least a few selfies a week (we won’t look like this forever y’all)

4. Spend more quality time with my favorite girls, my 81-year-old Nana and my Mama

5. Buy a car

6. Take a yoga class

7. Be more grateful

8. Laugh at myself

9. Make a really good male friend. FRIEND.

10. Cook my own food more often

11. Work out at least once a week

12. Read at least 5 books this summer

13. Take a break from dating/guys in general

14. Be kind to myself

15. Join more organizations

16. Expand my fashion taste/wardrobe

17. Do DIY crafts I like from Pinterest

18. Ace (well…do really well on) my LSAT

19. Go to a club (yep, I know. I KNOW, leave me alone…)

20. Learn how to drive

21. Be happy

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