You’re Not a West Virginia University Student Unless…

Most people know that West Virginia University is one of the biggest party schools in the nation. But there are certain things that only students and alumni of WVU can truly understand—like the pain of trudging up and down those torturous hills, drinking too much at Game Day tailgates to make it to the actual game, and getting a tad-bit emotional whenever you hear “Country Roads.”
Or like when you tell someone you go to school in West Virginia, usually their initial reaction is something along the lines of, “Are there a lot of hill billies? Incest?”—as if you’re living in the deep woods in the middle of nowhere. People don’t understand that Morgantown and the WVU campus is a world of its own, a home for students to form some of the best experiences of their life. If you’re a student at WVU you know that there is no other place like it in the world, that it is a place you can’t really describe to anyone. Like the endless names, places and experiences specific to the school, forming a comradery and understanding between students and alumni, acting as a type of initiation.

So whether you have just received your acceptance letter, or just know a few people who have gone there, you’re not really a West Virginia Student unless you…

1. Have blacked out at Cellar on a Wednesday (thank you .50 pitchers!)

2. Have sang “Country Roads” in a bar at midnight, arm in arm with complete strangers

3. Have taken a selfie with President Gee—most likely at a frat party, tailgate, bar… or maybe even graduation

4. Have mapped out any and all routes to take to class to avoid the Life Sciences Stairs (hint: Brook’s elevator)

5. Enjoyed free beer from 9 to 11 p.m. on a Thursday at Joes

6. Have Gone to Monday Mug Night at Chick-N-Bones

7. Know who Wild Bill is

8. Have devoured Casa at 3 a.m.

9. Had Munchies deliver you cigarettes or a blunt wrap with your food

10. Are asked if you’re going on tonight…regardless of what day of the week it is

11. Are familiar with the pain of getting stuck on the PRT

12. Have severe hatred for Morgantown Parking Authority

13. Think any drink over $1 is over-priced

14. Chant “Eat Shit Pitt!”—regardless of who we’re playing on Game Day

15. Go out every Friday night even though you know you’re waking up for an 8 a.m. tailgate

16. Think seeing the “Welcome to West Virginia” sign is the best feeling in the world

17. Have witnessed—or participated—in a couch burning

18. Have gotten an underage

19. Realize your calves are a lot stronger today than they were before you started college—thanks to the hills

20. Have Instagrammed a picture of Woodburn

21. Know the original Hot Dog Man is Birdman…

22. …But will settle for Taco Truck if he’s not around

23. Remember the drunk bus back to Towers…

24. … and know that if you miss it, you have to walk “the drunk mile”

25. Have been to a house party on Grant Street, and a frat party on High Street


Story by Casey Cavanagh

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