You're Not A Real Marist College Student Unless You Know These 30 Things

Marist College, home of the Red Foxes in the Hudson Valley, remains to be One of the Nations Best by Princeton Review, one of the “25 Most Connected Colleges in America,” and one of the most highly ranked colleges in the U.S. News Survey. Founded by the Marist Brothers in 1929, Marist College remains to be a prestigious liberal arts college in the Hudson River Valley, housing over 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students to date. Whether you are a freshman or a graduate, every Red Fox can relate to how how welcoming, beautiful, and special a place like Marist College is. Here are some facts only a real Marist College student would know from experience:

1. You’ve taken a picture with the “Head of the Hudson,” a seven foot foam head found by the crew team on the Hudson River.

In this April 22, 2013 handout photo provided by Tyler Sawyer of the Marist College crew team , members of the team stand by a giant head made of Styrofoam and fiberglass found floating in the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Officials at the college say the team was practicing earlier this week when the coach spotted a large object floating near the river's west bank. He hooked a rope to it and towed it to the team's dock on the east bank. (AP Photo/Marist College,Tyler Sawyer, HO)

2. Registration is so stressful, the latest Mr. Marist (Colin D’ Amelio) wrote a song about it. And it’s 100% true. And you’ve listened to it on repeat.


3. You’ve heard about the new single dorms being built on the North end of campus, which you’re super excited for because the only other single dorms are in Fulton.

4. You can recite all of the nearby bars by heart: Rennies, Darby’s, Mahoney’s, Riverstation, Union, Backstreet, The Chance Theater, Noah’s Ark, Thirty3, and Shadows.


5. You now have to read a book over the summer as an incoming freshman as well as having a first year seminar of your choosing, but most of the time the book and the class are never related.

6. You’ve experienced the fateful email saying you now have to have 50 credits to be able to have a car on campus. And if you do have a car, you’ve had to go to at least three different parking lots to find a spot.


7. You’ve eaten at Rossi’s, Campus Deli, Red Fox Eatery and/or Lola’s for a quick bite.fe296f7c61ff5efa580e307ad3d79fcc

8. You’ve been to a Marist Women’s basketball, crew, and/or football game.


9. You’ve waited on the mail room, bookstore, and college activities event sign up lines where they have been out the door and down the hallway, but it was definitely worth the wait.

10. You attended the 2015 Catalina Wine Mixer, probably the biggest Marist house party known to man since the Nuisance Party Law.


11. You’ve heard those famous words spoken by Brother Michael the first day you arrive to Marist, about how one day the person sitting next to you may be in your wedding party or your possible spouse. And you’ve come to see these possibilities become realities, with a few wedding sightings on campus.


12. You’ve taken a million photos of the beautiful campus and Hudson River at sunset. And if you were lucky enough, it was featured on the Marist Instagram or home page by using the #mymarist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.41.34 PM

(Image Credit: rachael_black)

13. You’ve shook President Dennis Murray’s hand at Open House, seen him at almost every campus activity since in office (sometimes with his wife), or greeted him while walking around campus. Now you are beyond sad to see him leave.


14. You’ve been a part of the biggest club, Campus Ministry, and donated a Giving Tree gift.


15. You’ve bought at least one Marist apparel item every time your family comes up to visit.


16. You’ve eaten at every station in the new cafeteria, including the Daily, International, Burger, Deli, Pizza, Sushi, Salad, Soup, Bread, and Ice Cream station. Oh, and the Cabaret, Jazzman’s and Valley Café.


17. You’ve jumped in the Hudson River at one point in your college career.


18. You’ve been to Marist Barstool, Foxtober Fest, Riverfest/Fox Fest, Family Weekend, FoxApalooza, and/or Marist Beach. 7159ad0f753e18f189d4c583737d05d5

19. You’ve sledded/skied/snowboarded down the hill in front of the library, behind Hancock, or by the Hudson River.


20. You’ve taken a pic with Shooter the Fox.


21. And the Instagram cutout.


22. You’ve watched or were featured in the infamous freshman “All I want for Christmas is You” video.


23. And the “Happy” video, and shared them on Facebook.


24. You’ve lived in the library the entire midterms and finals weeks. And possibly bought multiple Starbucks Carmel Macchiatos in the process.


25. You attended or participated in the Marist Fashion Show.


26. You studied abroad at least once, possibly at the Marist Campus in Italy.


27. You heard about the old abandoned asylum north of campus on Route 9 and snuck into it to get a pic. #creepy.


28. You’ve visited the FDR house and Vanderbilt Mansion.


29. You have gone to see at least one drive in movie at the Hyde Park Drive In.


30. You’ve seen and taken a pic of a groundhog on campus.

From the first day of Orientation to the day you graduate, the memories you make at Marist College are “endless and uniquely your own.”

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