Hot Topic Just Released A Collection Inspired By 'American Horror Story'

Just in time for Halloween costume shopping, that weird store you usually pass at the mall is coming in clutch with five pieces inspired by American Horror Story. If you aren’t into DIY yet don’t want to get some generic devil costume at Party City, Hot Topic’s AHS collection is perfect, representing all five season of the scary show.

Was season 1 your fave? You can dress as the Murder House Maid.
The Asylum Doctor dress is perfect for those intrigued by Briarcliff Manor.
Join the Coven with a spooky clock.
Freaked out by Freak Show? There’s a circus-themed dress for you.
There’s even a bellhop costume for AHS fans who can’t wait until season 5 premieres.
Check out all the dresses in the collection below.

It’s a little pricey, but you can get 20% off online with the code HEYAUTUMN.

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