The Only ‘New Girl’ Drinking Game You’ll Ever Need

New Girl – the perfect show for a lazy day on the couch. But, we can all agree that binge-watching any show is way better with a substantial amount of alcohol and drinking games. If you’re as obsessed as I am with this show, you’re definitely going to love it even more now. Season premieres can totally be turned into house parties. Why the hell not?

Grab a glass of your favorite indulgence and join Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece for an apartment party.

Take a sip when…

– Nick makes a face

– There’s a bathroom scene

– Anyone breaks out dancing

– One of them has a flash back

– Any character starts drinking

– Schmidt flirts with Cece

– Schmidt talks about Cece

Take a shot when…

– There’s a bathroom scene with ALL the cast members

– Winston pulls a prank

– Schmidt puts money in the douche jar

– Jess tries to be sexy

– There’s a bar scene

– There’s any reference to fat Schmidt

– Winston mentions being an athlete in the past

– Jess wear anything polka dots or bows

Finish your drink when…

– Jess makes a reference to Dirty Dancing

– They play True American

– Jess does something awkward

– Jess talks about being a teacher

– Cece gets hit on by someone other than Schmidt

– Something in the apartment breaks

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