Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling & More Female Comedians Speak Out On Their Interest In Hosting Late-Night

After Vanity Fair posted the controversial photo of the titans of late-night television, it became more prominent that late-night is greatly lacking women. Amy Schumer has stated that she did turn down the opportunity to host The Daily Show, so at least there was an offer to add another female comedian to the mix? Samantha Bee and Chelsea Handler will both be on the late-night circuit in early 2016, but is that enough? So Vulture decided to ask 37 female comedians to see if they would want to host their own late-night shows. See which of these funny women would be down to host a late-night talk show.


Retta, Shasheer Zamata, Mary Lynn Rajkub, Rachel Dratch, Tammy Pescatelli, Rachel Bloom, Cameron Esposito, Yvette Nicole Brown, Margaret Cho, Eliza Skinner, Lauren Lapkus, Loni Love, Beth Stelling, Jo Firestone, Phoebe Robinson, Iliza Shlesinger, Sara Schaefer, Kathy Griffin,Kristen Acimovic, Michaela Watkins, Amy Hoggart, Sara Benincasa, Alison Rosen

Not Interested:

Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, Lisa Lampanelli, Erica Rhodes, Liza Treyger, Kelly Oxford, Emily Heller, Carol Burnett, Noël Wells, Jen Kirkman, Kristen Acimovic, Bridget Everett
It is upsetting that some of the big female comedians don’t want to host late-night, but it is not surprising. The reason for not wanting to by many is because of the long hours, repetitiveness, or they’re overall just not great interviewers. Don’t forget that it is a major skill that is needed for late night – bringing on guests is the main reason we watch late night shows like Jimmy Fallon’s and Jimmy Kimmel’s, and there is nothing worse than watching an extremely awkward interview.
Mindy Kaling, who plays the celebrity-obsessed Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, said, “I don’t know if I’d have the energy to talk about why this actress is selling aloe juice or whatever. ‘Tell me, where did you get the idea?'” Unlike her character, she thinks it would be extremely boring.
Tina Fey went on to say, “A woman should have one, for sure. But so much of the dynamic of shows like that is like, ‘I’m a young actress,’ and if you don’t want to f*ck that young actress, then why are you talking to her? Here’s the other thing: What would you wear?”
Here’s what Retta, aka Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec had to say on the matter – she’s in!
“I’ve actually taken meetings about hosting a late-night talk show. I don’t know that what we know as a late-night talk show is what I want. But I’ve been talked into a talk show, but it would be different. But I don’t want to tell you what it is because we’re still pitching it. There would be alcohol. I would drink on camera, and my guests have to drink on camera. Kind of like Andy [Cohen]’s show, but a bigger studio, because I’ve done Andy’s show and that shit is hella tight! It’s waaay tight! It’s like four people. I took advantage of the liquor, and I was drunk by the time we finished. It would be more people, but, yes, alcohol.”
So there you have it, TV networks – loads of female comedians are 100% interested in hosting a talk show, so the ball’s in your court. Retta would actually be the best late night host ever. Call her.

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