Binge Watch/Binge Drink: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Drinking Game

Love fairy tales, Disney princesses, and evil villains? If so, we suggest you start watching ABC’s Once Upon A Time ASAP if you aren’t already! But you know what’s even better than binge watching a new show on Netflix? Drinking while binge watching a new show on Netflix (duh). Round up the cheap handles of alcohol and your best buds for a voyage into the enchanted forest!

Take a sip when:

  • Emma says “kid”
  • We meet a new character
  • The show goes back in time
  • Anyone mentions “the savior”
  • They show The Dark One’s dagger
  • Emma is NOT wearing her red leather jacket
  • You spot a red apple

Take a shot when:

  • Snow is called “Mary Margaret”
  • Someone dies
  • A heart is ripped out
  • Emma drives her yellow bug
  • There’s a fight scene
  • Rumple says “All magic comes with a price!”
  • You see the ‘Storybrooke’ sign
  • You see purple smoke
  • A curse is broken

Finish your drink, aka the hardcore mode, when:

  • Someone says magic, hope, evil, wicked, true love, or curse
  • Regina is upset
  • Emma is wearing her red leather jacket
  • You see snow white and prince charming together
  • Magic is used
  • Regina is showing her cleavage
  • Rumple calls someone “dearie”

Bonus: Take a swig of rum every time Hook takes a swig of rum

*All drinking comes with a price, dearie, so drink responsibly! 

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