Exactly What You Should Eat Before A Night Out Drinking To Avoid A Killer Hangover

Halloween is in a few days and it is bound to get pretty reckless. One of your friends will drink too much an empty stomach or end up with a bad hangover the next morning. While everyone has their own ridiculous remedies that they swear will cure it, there is a better way to help prevent an awful night or day after.

Nutritionists Katherine Brooking and Elisa Zied recommended the best things to eat before a night out. They told Elite Daily:

“It is important to eat something before you drink so the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream is slowed. Focus on healthy fats and lean sources of protein, as these will help to slow digestion and the absorption of alcohol.

“Refined carbs (white rice, cookies, chips, etc.) tend to be absorbed quickly and will not slow the effects of alcohol by much.”

By now, everyone knows that drinking on an empty stomach is the ultimate regret. You get drunk super fast, could possibly black out, and get a killer hangover the next morning. So eat some of these quick foods before you go out and you’ll thank yourself for it the next day.

 eating before drinking

1. Peanut Butter and apples

Fat, fiber and vitamin c aka everything you need in your pre-drinking meal

2. Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

It’s a great source of protein and an excuse to make a trip to chipotle.

eating before drinking

3. Salmon

It’s protein and fat, and no you don’t have to cook salmon. Just make it a reason to get some sushi.

4. Turkey Sandwich

Use whole wheat bread and you’ll definitely be full.

5. Beet and goat cheese salad

It’s healthy and perfect pre-drinking meal.

eating before drinking

6. Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s water, salt and protein. One bowl and your body will be ready for alcohol.

7. Baked Potato

Shot result in loss of potassium, but eating a baked potato before hand will prevent it

8. Falafel on Whole Wheat Pita

Normally we end our nights at falafel trucks. So why not start our nights there?

eating before drinking

9. Kale Salad

Make Gwyneth proud.

10. Pickles

Instead of drinking Gatorade the morning after. Eat some pickles beforehand and you’ll be getting those electrolytes.

11. Eggs on Whole Wheat Toast

Eggs get rid of toxins in your body due to the cysteine in them.

12. Avocado Toast

It’s quick and has a lot of fat

eating before drinking

13. Drink a glass of water

Stay hydrated throughout the night to avoid a hangover.

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