"Do Guys Care If Girls Wear Makeup Or Not?" [Ask A Dude]

Dear Dude,
I love experimenting with makeup, but there are just some days I’m too tired to deal with it. Do guys like it more when a girl wears makeup or doesn’t wear makeup?
– Putting My Face On
Dear Putting My Face On,
There are most certainly guys out there who feel their girlfriend needs to wear makeup; these are usually the same type of guys who feel a woman’s place is in the kitchen and the bedroom. They’re d*cks – big d*cks (and not in the good kind of way). On the other hand, without making myself sound like the same type of jerk I just described, there are certainly times when a little bit of makeup couldn’t hurt.
When you get straight down to it, you wear makeup to feel better about yourself because it makes you feel more beautiful and you feel that you will be judged if you did not. Let’s be real – you wouldn’t be asking me if guys really cared if you didn’t feel you would be judged for not “putting your face on.” Our generation is so eager to share how we look with the world on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, and many times the world isn’t so accepting of what we share. In fact, at times the world can be an incredibly mean, so you spend hours putting on makeup before taking a selfie in your car or drinking your PSL. If this doesn’t work, we look to countless filters to touch up our imperfections in hopes that no one will judge us. Society is putting pressure on you, and quite frankly, society sucks.
I guess what I am trying to say is that if done right, makeup can enhance a woman’s natural beauty. When this happens, your confidence increases, and confidence is unbelievably sexy. If putting makeup on makes you feel better about your self, then do it, but please, please do it for yourself and not for your Facebook friends, your Instagram followers, and especially not for us guys. At the end of the day when you find a guy or girl who truly loves you, they will love you just as much with your makeup off than when you have it on. Remember: no one ever truly looks amazing when they first wake up in the morning except for the person you love.
Makeup on or makeup off, the choice will always be yours and yours alone. No matter which you choose, you are beautiful and don’t forget it.

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