Why We Need To Bring Back Ugg Boots This Winter

Living in New York City means very little closet space. This weekend I’m heading home to make my bi-annual clothing exchange, where I bring all my sundresses and sandals home to make room for winter coats and boots. And I’m having an internal dilemma. Should I bring back my UGG boots?
As winter approaches and I already find myself wishing hibernation was a possibility for humans (seriously, I’ll just set myself an alarm for March). Instead of just throwing on a cute dress and slipping on some flip flops to leave my apartment, I have to put on a hat, gloves, heavy jacket, andĀ actual pantsĀ to go outside. The only thing that used to make this dressing process okay was my UGG boots.

What used to be my go-to pair of shoes from November to March has become an old trend. Now my UGGs are reserved for hungover Sunday mornings where I need to go get a bagel but changing out of my pajamas is just too much to ask. But WHY? Why have these shoes that make my feet so warm and cozy become lame?
Whether you need to slip them on to run errands or want your feet to lounge in a fluffy heaven at work or in class, UGGs are there for you, keeping your toes toasty. Oh yes, your “UGG-ly” joke is still totally hilarious; now watch as I walk (on clouds) away from you.
UGGs have come a long way from those brown and tan eyesores that literally every basic bitch wore before basic bitch was a common term (thanks, Internet). Just check out some of UGGs’ cute styles below.

So yeah, I think I’ll be bringing my UGGs back to the city to help me survive the winter. Just because Oprah named UGGs one her favorite things literally 10 years ago doesn’t mean they can’t be one of my favorite things in 2015.

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