Justin Bieber & 1D Albums Leaked Early, Fans Are Pissed

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new album releases of One Direction and Justin Bieber, mostly because the albums were set to debut on the same day, November 13, 2015.
But now it seems the two albums have yet another thing in common. On top of having the same official release date, the two albums have also been leaked at the same time.

According to HollywoodLife.com, on November 7, Purpose and Made in the A.M. were prematurely leaked in a few stores. Apparently, the albums were being sold on a few shelves in Walmart and Target stores.
And although you would think fans would be ecstatic that they get to hear the music earlier than expected, most are actually pretty outraged. These truly dedicated fans feel that Justin Bieber and One Direction have worked so hard on their albums, they should not have the music released ahead of time without their permission.
Quickly following the leak, fans took to Twitter, using the hashtag “#NoPLayPurposeandMITAM“, which obviously began trending worldwide not too long after.

It’s currently unclear whether this leak was intentional (not that they’d admit to it), or it’s just an innocent case of calendar confusion– the stores mistaking the album release date, set for next Friday, for this past Friday.
The outcry is actually understandable, since it’s speculated that any sales made before the official release date won’t contribute toward the first week of sales count, which could affect the records these albums could potentially set upon their release.
Purpose is the first album Bieber will be releasing in three years, and Made in the A.M. is the last one One Direction is releasing before they take an official break from music and the spotlight.
While we’re sure that the stars will have absolutely no trouble setting record-breaking sales once their albums are officially leaked, it’s nice to see the army of fans uniting to defend the musicians to do what’s right.
Walmart and Target, on the other hand, you guys have some explaining to do…


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