Live It Up In Your 20s Because Your 30s Are Going To Suck

Between my sociology professors constantly telling me that 30s is the new 20s and Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, I, like many others have been under the impression that your 30s is a great time in your life. Well, all of this is now confirmed to be a lie for millennials, so we can add that to the list of things baby boomers destroyed for us.
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Life is no longer thirty and flirty and thriving for us (so thanks for the false hope, Jenna). According to a study by Social Psychological and Personality Sciencemillennials will be less happy as they mature. Researcher Jen Twenge studied subjective well being and found that the survey consisting of 1.3 million Americans between the ages of 13 and 96 that was collected between 1972 and 2014. From the research, she noticed that before 2010, people grew happier with age. In the past five years, it has become the complete opposite – people are becoming more miserable as they get older.
This is where it gets incredibly depressing: due to our big dreams (thanks for that one, mom and dad) and our fantasy world of expectations, we are becoming miserable. We dream and expect so much that when we come to the realization that we won’t accomplish these dreams by a certain time or we won’t ever, we gradually become unhappy.
Twenge explains,

“With expectations so high, less happiness in adulthood may be the inevitable result. Big dreams feel great when you’re an adolescent or a young adult just starting out. But somewhere around their late 20s, most people begin to realize reality isn’t going to match up.”

Our 30s sounds like a lot of sad wine talks with our friends that end with most of us in tears.
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