Claremont McKenna College Class President Resigns Over Controversial Halloween Costume She Wasn't Even Wearing

Claremont McKenna College’s junior class president resigned this week over a controversial Halloween costume…that she didn’t even wear, according to The Forum. The photo featured four CMC students and one Scripps student in Halloween costumes, with two white girls dressed up like Mexican stereotypes with sombreros and maracas. One of the girls in the photo happens to be Kris Brackmann, ASCMC Junior Class President and a student-athlete. She is seen at the bottom in her costume as a dancer in Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video.

Kris Brackmann: Everything We Know About CMC Class Pres

“As a bystander I did not assertively speak out against the costumes, despite knowing that they were disrespectful. Even worse, I associated myself with the offensive message by willingly standing in a photo with the costumes. My actions poorly represented me as someone who is supposed to represent all students. I am regretfully sorry to have been associated with this harmful incident, and after thoughtful consideration I have decided to leave my position as the Junior Class President.” [from The Forum]

This follows many other college campuses around the country battling racism. President Tim Wolfe at University of Missouri left the office earlier this week after students protested his handling of racist events on campus. At Ithaca, students are calling for President Tom Rochon to resign for not making the campus an all-inclusive environment. Here’s footage of CMC students protesting the lack of support from the administration. [youtube] IMO, asking Kris to step down when she wasn’t even wearing the costume is a bit dramatic. What do you think? We’ve reached out to Kris for comment.

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