Here’s The Latest Round Of Awkward One Direction & Zayn Malik Interviews Post-Split

Ever since the world ended for Directioners after Zayn announced he was leaving the group in March, One Direction has been awkwardly dealing with the never-ending questions about his departure. The group is constantly trying to say as little as possible, but Zayn has obviously gone a different route, being very open about how he didn’t like being in a boy band.

One Direction was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in typical Ellen fashion, she had to get the dirt on the breakup. She asked if they knew if he was going to leave and if they had talked about it at all. Louis responded with “I think we kind of had a feeling…Yeah. I don’t really know.” When asked if they still stay in contact with him, Liam said, “Yeah, a couple of times. Yeah, he’s good.” Harry bursted out laughing because “you could cut the tension in it with a knife.” Honestly with how annoyed Liam sounded, he’s right.

This could all be because of Zayn’s recent interview, which was actually kind of mean to his former bandmates who he used to refer to as his brothers. He spoke with Fader Magazine and stated that he “wanted to leave from the beginning,” which we all should have known because of that classic video of him not wanting to dance on The X Factor.

zayn malik one direction breakup

He said, “There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band…Whenever I would suggest something, it was like it didn’t fit us. There was just a general conception that the management already had of what they want for the band, and I just wasn’t convinced with what we were selling.”

Zayn just wasn’t into any of the music 1D came out with and when he missed a few shows during the On the Road tour, he knew leaving was actually the best thing for him. He said, “I woke up on that morning, if I’m being completely honest with you, and was like, ‘I need to go home. I need to just be me now, because I’ve had enough.”

Ugh. It’s the Spice Girls breakup all over again. I always knew you were a Ginger Spice, Zayn.

At least there’s always hope for a reunion tour.

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