Science Says You Should Drink Wine Before Bed To Get Skinny

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Today (February 18) just happens to be National Drink Wine Day, and I’m happy to oblige. But as if I needed another reason to visit my friends at Trader Joe’s wine shop (is it bad that they know me by name?), it turns out that drinking vino each and every night is great for your waistline.

You’re probably already up and heading to the wine rack, but if you want to know the why and how, read on because knowledge is power (and you’ll be a hero to your friends when you share the news).

According to Last Bottle Wines, the benefits of wine are already huge. But losing weight in addition to improving your sex life, helping your heart, and extending your life? If this doesn’t turn you into a real-life Cersei Lannister, nothing will.

Sure, there’s a good number of calories in a glass of wine, but it’s actually a way healthier choice compared the beer you may usually go for. While most beers contain between 13 and 20 grams of carbs, wines all contain a max of 5 grams. The driest wines only have 2 grams of carbs, so even Regina George would approve.


Ready to sound really smart?

There’s something in wine called resveratrol. To sum it up, this chemical “prevents fat cells from getting fatter” and subsequently keeps your bikini bod in tip top shape.

Drinking wine at night can also prevent you from late night snacking, which we know always starts at a handful of chips and ends with raiding with the entire fridge. Having a glass of wine instead satisfied the reward center in our brains, making it easier to stay out of the kitchen after dinner.

Tons of studies have agreed wine is a super juice. The University of Denmark found that people who drank every day had slimmer waistlines than those who only drank occasionally, and Harvard conducted study of 20,000 people and of the almost half of the group that gained a large amount of weight, none of them were drinkers.

Here’s the best part: drinking at least two glasses of wine a day works to combat obesity by up to 70%.

I think I’ve done enough to convince you, and if not, that’s your own issue to sort out. Bottoms up!

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