Dorm Room Food Hacks: Get Your Morning Coffee Without A Machine


By your second week of college, you’re probably addicted to coffee. Huge shout out to Starbucks for getting you to your 8 a.m. class only 20 minutes late (damn that line), helping cure that Saturday morning hangover, and keeping your hands warm on the walk across campus in the middle of February.

However, Starbucks might be a drain on your wallet if it becomes a┬ádaily habit. Instead of reducing yourself to the crap the dining hall has coming out of their coffee machines, there’s a simple way to make coffee from the comfort of your dorm room. And you don’t even need a coffee machine!

Here’s what you do need: coffee, a paper cup, a mug, a rubber band, a spoon, a knife, a paper towel, and hot water.

Got it? Now go surprise your roommate and make her day.

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