38 Thoughts All Girls Have While Getting Ready



Is there anything worse than the sound of your alarm blaring through your phone’s speaker first thing in the morning? We’re pretty sure there isn’t. After all, bed is our favorite place in the world, and we can’t exactly say we’re a big thing of anything that makes us leave our nest of blankets and sheets where we watch Netflix and hide from responsibilities.

When we finally do get out of bed? Let’s just say it’s not always pretty. The morning rush to shower, put on makeup, make our hair look semi-decent, and get dressed before heading to class is a very real struggle.

Here are some thoughts you can probably relate to.

1. 7:45? Psshh – I have plenty of time, no need to get out of bed yet.

2. *Checks email, scrolls through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook*

3. 8:15?! When did that happen?!

4. Ugh. guess I’m going to be running late.

5. *Sleepwalks into shower*

6. I definitely DON’T have time to shave today.

7. *Feels legs* Oh my god I’m furrier than my cat/dog/every wild animal ever.

8. What are the chances I’ll see bae tonight?

9. Better shave really quick just in case.

10. My legs feel like dolphins. DOLPHINS.

11. *Sprints out of shower dripping wet to check the time*

12. Now I’m REALLY going to be late.

13. Dolphin legs are worth it though.

14. Another pimple? Are you KIDDING me?

15. *Layers on concealer over aforementioned pimple* I’m too old for this.

16. I’m about to contour my face SO HARD today. Cheekbones, here I come.

17. Never mind, ain’t nobody got time for that.

18. Today is the day that I finally will make my eyeliner look ***flawless.

19. Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up.

20. One side is thicker than the other, better fix that.


22. I’m so late. It will have to do.

23. Now for mascara.

24. *Stabs self in eye with wand*


26. I need a cute outfit to wear.

27. *Stands in front of closet for 463 hours*

28. I have NOTHING TO WEAR. I hate all my clothes and need to go shopping ASAP.

29. I don’t have time for this.

30. Leggings and a sweatshirt it is.

31. *Admires naked self front of the mirror*

32. YAS I look hot. That spinning class I took last week is totally working.

33. I’d date me.

34. Focus. I need to get dressed.

35. I need to be out the door in five minutes. HA!

36. So. Late.

37. There’s no way I won’t be late to this class, might as well grab Starbucks on the way. I deserve it.

38. So when can I get back into bed again?

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