Men Are Paying Big Money Just To Date This Kardashian Look-Alike

christine ham

Maybe 26-year-old Christine Ham doesn’t resemble Kim Kardashian as much as doppelgangers like Kamilla Osman and Sonia Ali, but she claims that’s why men are paying her $200 just to go on a date.

“My features are what reminded them of Kim Kardsashian, and [I] was constantly compared to her,” she said in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. “The couldn’t wait to meet me, and sometimes I was told I looked better than her.”

Christine has been advertising her company on, a website that allows men to bid on dates with gorgeous women, since last year. Nowadays, she makes an average of $200 for each first date – one dude even shelled out “about $1,500” to hang out with the beauty.

It’s not uncommon for Christine’s suitors to give her gifts or buy her things on their dates. One guy even flew Christine from her home in Los Angeles to Northern California on a private jet to go wine tasting for a day.

I know what you’re thinking – she’s totally putting out. But she says there’s “absolutely no expectations and no hidden agenda.”

In addition to her job as an executive assistant, Christine claims that she’s racked up $10,000 in the past year from her side gig.

But don’t worry – it’s just like any other dating site.

“I definitely believe can be a helpful source to finding that one special person,” Christine said. “It’s no different than any other dating website. Same type of people, just a bit more generous than others.'”

Guess she hasn’t seen Tinder.

Check out photos of Christine Ham below.

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