8 Creative Ways To Make Yourself Not Hate The Gym

We all know her, kind of hate her just a little bit, and all secretly want to be her: That girl that *gasp* actually likes going to the gym. While most of us are lucky if we can find the motivation to haul ass to the gym two times a week, she goes every day…and stays for hours. So seriously, where does her Energizer Bunny-esque level of motivation come from? Magical workout-loving powers? Chances are, she does one of these eight things – and you should too!

1. Two words: New clothes

News flash: Even if that ratty old t-shirt you got from being on the soccer team your freshman year of high school isn’t necessarily what’s making you hate working out, it’s probably not exactly motivating you to hit the gym regularly either. Treating yourself to cute new workout clothes you’ll actually want to wear isn’t a bad start to upping your fit-spiration. Updating your workout wardrobe doesn’t have to mean blowing your entire bank account on a singular pair of leggings either. Stores that are probably already your go-to places to shop, like Missguided and Forever 21, have activewear lines that are totally broke college student-friendly.

2. Turn up the tunes

If you’re suffering from a serious lack of workout motivation, your playlist may be the problem. No matter how much you love the same 10 songs you cycle through during those 45 minutes on the elliptical, you’re eventually going to get tired of them. Before you head to the gym, take 15 minutes to add new tunes to your workout playlist. Don’t know where to start? Spotify has a pretty amazing collection of workout playlists to suit any music taste and a super snazzy “Running” feature that picks a song to match your running pace if you’re ready to take on the treadmill.

3. Mix up your typical routine

If you consider yourself a ride-or-die elliptical girl, give the treadmill a try. Always been curious about the Kayla Itsines workouts? Take the plunge and see if you can conquer the first week. (Spoiler alert: It’s brutal, but worth it!) The best way to beat a bad case of gym boredom is to try something new. Not only will you probably hate the gym just a little bit less, but your body will thank you. The more you change up your routine, the faster you’ll see physical results – hey, your body gets bored too!

4. Take a class

Second only to avocado toast and fancy latte art, shots of the next big thing in boutique fitness classes seems to be doing a takeover of our Instagram feeds right now. Admit it: You’ve always been curious to try a fancy fitness class for yourself, so what are you waiting for? Classes like barre, spinning, and yoga are offered pretty much ubiquitously now. And if you want to get outside your college rec center, many gyms offer special prices for new clients looking to find their next fitness addiction. If nothing else, you can do it for the ‘gram.

5. Go with bae or your bestie

Bonus points if your BFF is basically in such good shape that she should have her own fit-spiration Instagram account or something. When you plan to hit the gym with someone, there’s no backing out last minute on Saturday morning when your bed just feels way. Too. Comfy. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition racing your roommate on the treadmill, right?

6. Think outside the gym

Nobody said you had to stick to the gym when it comes to getting fit. Get off the treadmill and try running outside. Get some friends together and do yoga in the quad. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to make an old workout feel new again. With spring finally here and summer so close we can taste it, now’s the as good a time as any to take your fitness routine outside.

7. Hit the gym in the morning. (Seriously!)

We know, we know – but bear with us on this one. When you work out in the morning, you get it out of the way – you can’t put it off later in the day if you’re too busy with homework. Not to mention that if you’re half-asleep at 7 a.m. when you roll out of bed and head to the gym you can kind of just sleepwalk through your workout – you’ll feel energized and ready to start your day afterwards. No cup of coffee necessary.

8. Set #Goals

If it motivates you, set some workout goals for yourself. They don’t have to be physical either – if you currently run a 9-minute mile, see how many weeks it takes you to make it to 8 minutes. If you’re using 10 pound weights right now, try seeing if you can upgrade to 15. When you reach your goals, #TreatYourself. A post-workout Starbucks treat or that pair of shoes you’ve been lusting after are totally appropriate here.

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