11 Things To Know Before Dating A Fashion Girl

It’s no secret that fashion girls have a notorious reputation for being just a teeny bit high maintenance. Whatever truth there may be to that (hey, we just wanna look good!), women who work in fashion – or simply just love it enough to have five years worth of Vogue issues stashed in their closets – are also some of the most creative and ambitious gals you’ll ever date. Sure, you may not “get” everything she wears (the blog Man Repeller exists for a reason!), but you’ll also never leave the house looking less than amazing ever again. Here’s what to expect when you date a woman whose other true love in life is Lagerfeld.

1. You’re going to start spending a lot more time in dressing rooms.

Be ready to hear the words, “So what do you think?” over and over again. The answer? It’s always, “Looks great, babe!” Trust us on this one.

2. You’re not going to love everything she wears…

There will be a day where she shows up for a date in a pair of leather culottes that are big enough to fit two of her or wearing a turtleneck layered under her button-down. Sometimes guys just don’t get our clothes, and that’s okay. Which brings us to…

3. …but that’s okay, because she only dresses for herself.

Even if you harbor a burning hatred for said leather culottes or the five layers she’s wearing, she won’t care. Newsflash: Fashion girls aren’t usually dressing for the attention of men or even for other women. They’re dressing for *gasp* themselves – and TBH, they don’t really care what you think of their outfits.

4. “The Instagram Boyfriend” is a very real thing.

Like taking pictures? We hope so – because from now on whenever she needs an #OOTD shot for Instagram, expect her to hit you up as her photographer. (That viral “Instagram Husband” video is alive and well!) Don’t worry, she’ll always give you photo creds. Just don’t you dare eat anything before she gets the perfect overhead shot of your Sunday brunch.

5. She’s not dead, it’s just fashion week.

Whether fashion week means being lucky enough to actually attend the shows or being holed up in her room with her laptop watching runway live streams, you might not hear from her for awhile during fashion week. Don’t take offense – she’ll be right back after the last model has stepped off the catwalk, we promise.

6. You’ll never leave the house in a bad outfit again.

A major closet upgrade is coming your way. You’ll never know how much you needed a well-dressed girlfriend in your life until you have one.

7. Shopping will qualify as a date.

Even if you don’t make an entire night out of it, she’s probably going to want to stop by that sample sale on your way to dinner and a movie – don’t hate her for it.

8. No, she’s not a hoarder, she just REALLY loves Vogue.

Chances are good that she has stacks on stacks of magazines laying around her apartment, dating back to the first issue of Vogue she ever bought. Why, exactly, does she need that issue of Marie Claire from 2013? Just because – don’t question it.

9. You’re going to have to learn who Alexander Wang is.

Karl who? She’s going to be throwing around designer names left and right – get ready for a quick crash course in fashion history. You’re welcome.

10. You’re going to be terrified by how much she spends on shoes.

There’s going to a time when she blows half a month’s rent on a pair of shoes or her dream bag. Trust us, she’s aware it’s ridiculous – just please, please don’t judge her for it.

11. She’s not afraid to be an independent woman.

We’re talking about the girl who isn’t afraid to wear something out of the house that’s deemed totally ridiculous by others. She’s confident, she’s ambitious and she’s independent – don’t forget it.

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