This 17-Year-Old Rich Kid Has 7 Cars Despite Getting His License Last Month, But Says Life Ain’t Easy

Jack Watkin

Jack Watkin

While most teens are lucky if they get to drive their parents’ 12-year-old piece of junk car, 17-year-old Jack Watkin owns seven sports cars – a Rolls-Royce, two Bentleys, two Mercedez-Benzs, a Range Rover Vogue, and a Porsche – worth over $2.4 million. Oh, and he just passed his driving test in February.

In addition to his car collection, Jack also owns a $500,000 watch, goes on lavish vacations on his family’s private plane, and spends more than most people make in a year on designer duds.

But it’s not easy to be Jack…according to Jack.

“But my life is not easy,” he told News Dog Media. “My dad has worked very hard to make sure I can have all these nice things. Our private jet doesn’t just fly itself; our pool doesn’t just clean itself; all my cars don’t automatically fill themselves with petrol. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance.”

Dubbed the “British Kardashians,” see more photos of Jack and his family’s extravagant lifestyle below.

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