15 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Actually Care About (Despite What You Think)

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Guys. We love them, but sometimes they can be a little clueless. New haircut? Eyebrows looking particularly on-point? Sorry, but they’re just not going to take notice. The good news? It also means we can get away with forgetting to shave every now and then – they’ll still love us all the same. Other things your guy doesn’t care about? Read on.

1. Whether or not you got your nails done

If you’re blowing 30 bucks on a manicure just because you have a date, let us be the ones to tell you it’s not necessary. Get your mani/pedi for yourself, not for your guy – we promise he won’t notice your nail polish, no matter how OMG-level-perfect you think Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” is.

2. Your makeup in general

Unless you go in for a kiss with a statement lip shade on, guys aren’t going to care about how much or little makeup you wear. If you need to give your skin a breather and go barefaced for a day, go for it – chances are he won’t even notice.

3. Those extra four or five pounds you put on

So what if you’ve been hitting up Chipotle a little more than normal or have been “forgetting” to go to the gym? At some point everyone gains and loses a little weight. We promise you’re the only one who actually notices the tiny bit of extra weight – and yes, that includes your boyfriend.

4. What you look like “down there”

In all honesty, he’s probably just as obsessively worried about this as you are. Just as you realize that not every guy looks the same “down there” he understands the same about you – and if he doesn’t? You deserve better.

5. Your bra size

Once and for all, let’s put this myth to rest: for guys, bigger does not equal better. Your S/O loves your A-cup body just as much as he would if you had DDDs.

6. What you eat on a date

For the love of god, if you want the burger, ORDER THAT DAMN BURGER GIRL! You may feel like a hot mess while eating it, but the only thing he’ll be thinking about is how sexy it is that you didn’t “just have a salad.” Plus, there’s zero chance he’ll want to deal with a hangry girlfriend later.

7. What you’re wearing

Your fab new romper or those amazing sample sale booties you scored yesterday? Sorry, but you’ll want to save the excitement for your gal pals. He’ll be happy to hear about how excited you are, but don’t get mad when he doesn’t ask where you got that new shirt. #Guys.

8. Your weird family

Everyone has weird families and your boyfriend knows this. Sure, it’s terrifying to bring your guy home for the first time, but it’s likely he’s too nervous about making a good impression to care about how embarrassing your parents are.

9. Stretch marks

When your guy sees you naked, he’s thinking about how lucky he is – not about little things you obsess over in the mirror, like stretch marks.

10. If you forgot to shave your legs

Ditto with your hairy legs. He may notice that you forgot to shave, but we guarantee he’s too excited about the bigger picture of how sexy they look in your dress to care.

11. Your period

So long as your boyfriend isn’t a giant manchild, he won’t run away screaming the minute you bring up Aunt Flo. If you need him to pick up some tampons or listen to you rant about how much you hate cramps for a quick sec, it’s NBD.

12. Your bad hair day

We know, it sucks when you have those days where your hair just won’t behave. On the bright side, your guy thinks you look just as amazing as usual.

13. The fact that you’re breaking out like crazy

It’s just a fact of life: everyone gets zits from time to time. A bad breakout isn’t going to make him break up – we know it seems like the end of the world, but we promise it’s not.

14. If your dorm/apartment is a mess

Within reason, it’s likely that, as a guy, he’s seen much, much worse – trust us. He’s just happy you’re having him over in the first place.

15. If your interests don’t always match up

It’d be boring to date for him to be dating himself anyways. So what if when it comes to Netflix and chill you’re more of a comedies girl and he’s into documentaries? That’s what keeps things interesting. Worried about your ‘geeky’ Harry Potter obsession? It’s probably one of the things he finds so adorable about you.

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