Kylie Jenner’s Twitter Account was Hacked & The Tweets Were Brutal

Kylie Jenner‘s Twitter was hacked late Sunday night and the offending tweets were reaaalllyyy brutal. Aside from calling out what the majority of haters say — that Kylie, along with the rest of her sisters, are famous for absolutely no reason — the hacker also dropped some lewd tweets about her alleged sex tape with ex-boyfriend Tyga, along with gibberish comments we can’t totally understand.

Here’s the full list of tweets:

A retweet from user @lolsw4y, an account also connected to the Katy Perry hack last week, kicked off the salacious string of posts.

Kylie Jenner Twitter

But according to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, she could care less. The 18-year-old reacted to the hack on her Snapchat. “So my Twitter was hacked and I don’t really care, I’m just letting him have fun,” she said. But when the hacker touched on her alleged sex tape, Jenner went off.

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Twitter has since suspended @sw4ylol’s account for being a complete a**hole. However a new account with the same name surfaced this weekend under the handle @H8TURZ. They’re currently only following Katy Perry.

Could they be the same person? Or is it a copycat? We’re sure we’ll know soon enough when the next celeb hack comes around.

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