Taylor Swift Showed Up at Another Fan’s Wedding & Performed

Taylor Swift may have just had her heart broken, but that won’t stop her from celebrating love. The 26-year-old singer crashed a fan’s wedding Saturday, surprising Max Singer and Kenya Smith during their ceremony at Brandt Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach Township, New Jersey. The proof is in the Instagram posts — which ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris even liked.



Naturally, the couple’s family and friends were absolutely thrilled by the surprise appearance. And according to ET, Taylor showing up was no coincidence.

The groom’s sister Ali reached out to the singer in April, writing Swift a letter about her about her and Singer’s mother’s death. While the big wedding took place on Saturday, Singer and Smith actually married in his mother’s hospital room so she could be a part of the occasion before she died. The groom and his mother even chose “Blank Space” as the song for their mother-son dance.

While Swift isn’t a stranger to wedding crashing, she’s never doubled as a wedding singer. While performing a straight piano version of “Blank Space,” the couple had their first dance in tribute to the groom’s mother.

Awesome. Although, if this were my wedding, I would be pissed. Do I love Taylor Swift? Yes. Would I love to hear her play “Bad Blood” and perform the choreographed dance from the video with her? Yes. But if it’s my wedding day, I want the attention on me, not a mega popstar. However, Kenya seems to be having an awesome time. Maybe she’s not as much of a bridezilla as I will be.

Congrats Kenya and Max!

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