Shanghai Disneyland Opened Yesterday and It’s Magical

June 16, 2016 marked a magical day for roughly 35,000 people as they walked through the Shanghai Disneyland Resort on its opening day as the newest Disney theme park. The park has been highly-anticipated for the last five years, so it’s no surprise that people flew in from all over the world to be there for the park’s first day. From what we could tell, the air was full of magic…and also rain, but that didn’t slow anyone down.

The opening day held far more excitement than just another theme park. Shanghai Disneyland is the first Disney resort on the Chinese mainland, and it symbolized a bond in United States/Chinese relations. Robert Iger, Disney’s chief executive, addressed the crowd in Mandarin during the opening ceremony and read a letter from President Obama himself praising the park as a positive force tying the two nations closer together. Those words were followed by fireworks and performers who managed to energize the crowd even more.

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Shanghai Disneyland has new rides that have definitely caught some attention. So far, the TRON Lightcycle Power Run is one of the most popular among the guests, as a high-speed and thrilling roller coaster with bright lights and 3D graphics. Yet the park also has many similar rides as the original Disneyland in Anaheim that take a twist from the classic attraction. The iconic Mad Tea Party ride, featuring spinning tea cup carts from Alice in Wonderland, is now the Hunny Pot Spin in a nod towards Winnie-the-Pooh. Shanghai Disneyland still has Peter Pan’s Flight, the carousel, and the walkthrough adventure in the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

And the castle itself is not one to be ignored. Called the crown jewel of the resort, it’s the tallest and the most interactive of the castles in any park, standing at 197 feet. Guests are able to see the gorgeous art of the princesses, dine in the Royal Banquet Hall, and even have their kids get a royal makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the castle. But many guests have said that the Ignite the Dream fireworks and lights show is what really made the castle a truly spectacular sight.

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Beyond the rides, Shanghai Disneyland has no shortage of attractions, true to the Disney style. The Disney characters, the parades, the Mickey-shaped food, the cute stores where all your money flies out of your hands are all there. Performances of Tarzan and Frozen occur throughout the day within the park. But the most notable of all has to be the first-ever Mandarin production of one of the most famous theater shows in history, The Lion King, performed in Disneytown next to the resort.

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Opening day proved that the love for Disneyland has no borders. Shanghai Disneyland is up and running, and we really hope to get tickets to China soon.

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