Amanda Seyfried Boyfriends 2021: Who Is Amanda Seyfriend Dating Now?

Amanda Seyfried is best known for her role in Means Girls as the spacey blonde, Karen. Seyfried was actually a model at 11 years old before becoming an actress. She even worked with Leighton Meester before she became the Queen Bee on Gossip Girl.

Since then Seyfried has gone to have a successful career starring in various kind of movies: Dear John, Letters to Juliet, Les MiserablesLovelace, amongst many others. Her resume also includes guest appearances on shows like House, Law & Order, CSI, and American Dad!

Similar to her busy career, Amanda Seyfried has had an interesting dating life. The blonde beauty doesn’t stop for anyone and we’re always left wondering who she’s dating next.

Micah Alberti 2002-2005

Andrew Walker/Getty Images

Seyfried’s first serious boyfriend was Micah Alberti. After meeting on the set of All My Children the two co-stars dated for three years.

Emile Hirsch 2005-2005

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

After meeting on the movie set of the crime drama Alpha Dog Seyfried dated Hirsch for four months. Through Hirsch, Seyfried met director Catherine Hardwicke who later cast her in Red Riding Hood.

Jesse Marchant 2005-2007

Amanda Seyfried Jesse Marchant

The talented actress dated Marchant, an actor and musician, for two years. Seyfried has said Marchant was special to her and dating him had a great impact on her but their timing was off. Seyfried’s career was taking off during their relationship and Marchant didn’t want to be in the limelight. She decided it was best to separate.

Dominic Cooper 2007-2010

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Seyfried and Cooper started dating after meeting on the set for the iconic movie Mama Mia! The two movie stars had an on-off-relationship.

Alexander Skarsgård 2008-2008

Amanda Seyfried Alexander Skarsgård

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During one of her breaks with Dominic Cooper, Seyfried dated the True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgård. Despite the actor’s amazing looks and talent, Seyfried was too involved with Dominic Cooper to fully commit to a long lasting relationship.

Ryan Phillippe 2010-2011

Ryan Phillippe

After meeting at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party, the two actors dated for seven months. Their relationship was on-and-off. Phillippe’s famous status wasn’t what Seyfried was looking for in a boyfriend and it was ultimately what caused a drift between them.

Andrew Joblon 2011-2011

Andrew Joblon with Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried decided to venture away from dating other celebrities when she got together with Andrew Joblon. Although she only dated the New York real-estate executive for four months, it was a different spin on her usual guy.

Josh Hartnett 2012-2012

 Josh Hartnett

The two actors dated in early 2012 and although they were hot for each other, the relationship fizzled after five months. Seyfried went to London to shoot Les Miserables. Despite their attempts to have a long-distance relationship, it didn’t work out.

Desmond Harrington 2012-2013

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

After rumors surfaced of Seyfried having a fling with James Franco, she was spotted with Harrington. Seyfried’s relationship with the actor lasted nine months.

Justin Long 2013-2015

Amanda Seyfried Justin Long

Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

Their relationship began when Seyfried decided to text Long after she laughed at one of his Instagram posts. His sense of humor is was attracted her. The two actors hit it off right away and although they kept their relationship private, they were often seen together. It was reported Seyfried and Long separated because of their different schedules and lives.

Thomas Sadoski 2016-Present

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Seyfried was confirmed to be dating the actor in March. Last year, they costarred in an off-Broadway show The Way We Get By and towards the end of the production, Seyfried and Sadoski were definitely an item.


Amanda Seyfried got married last year to Thomas Sadoski in a secret ceremony including an official and the two of them.


Amanda Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski seem to have a little bit issue in their marriage life over working with Ex Dominic Cooper.

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