Ciara Fears Her Ex Future Will Hurt Russell Wilson

Much to her dismay, it seems Ciara‘s ex Future isn’t completely over her yet. There’s definitely been some drama between the pop star and the rapper throughout the years, but things are escalating pretty quickly nowadays.

Back in January, Ciara filed for a lawsuit against Future for defamation, slander, and libel to destroy her career and reputation as a good mother. She also claimed that his bashing her won publicity for his upcoming tour. She won $15 million, but sparked Future filing for a countersuit. Future then dropped those charges, claiming to want a peaceful relationship with his ex-wife. He also feared losing his joint custodial rights of their son, Future Zahir.

Ciara spoke with TMZ of many instances where she has felt unsafe about her ex, especially about her current beau, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The rapper recently posted on social media a series of football emojis with guns pointing towards them, possibly threatening violence towards Wilson. Ciara also points out that the rapper’s lyrics of his recent song “Juice” that also seem to target Wilson: “Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

The star calls Future out on his behavior, saying it’s “frightening” and “socially irresponsible…where there has been a recent rash of gun violence.”

Yikes. We agree, Ciara.

[H/T: Perez Hilton]

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