Coffee Lemonade Is Trending & It Tastes Fantastic

Move over, Pink Drinks – there’s a new trend taking over the coffee world. Iced coffee is already a staple in the summer heat, but Brooklynites have started to take it to a new level. Cafes are spiking their cold brews with lemon juice, creating an iced coffee lemonade hybrid that is blowing people’s minds.

Of course, it all started on Instagram. Foodie and bowl-cuisine expert Lukas Volger posted a photo of a cold brew mixed with lemonade and almond milk, appropriately called an Arnold Palmer, served by pop-up cafe Stand Coffee in Brooklyn, New York. Since then, everyone has wanted to try the seemingly unusual beverage, though it’s been on the Stand’s menu since its debut in March 2015. Other Brooklyn-based cafes (Supercrown Coffee Roasters and Smith Canteen, for example) have been serving similar drinks under different names for some time as well. But this particular recipe of cold brew and lemonade has been gaining recent popularity for its summery deliciousness.

Coffee is naturally acidic, making the addition of lemon an enhancing rather than contrasting flavor. Adding lemonade or a dash of lemon juice over an iced brew will give it a refreshing citrus taste. For those who are aficionados, the natural fruity notes of the coffee used can also affect the taste, reports Eater. Some like it with a milder brew to keep from overloading on the citrus while others prefer using bright, lighter roasted coffee for a stronger combination. After the two main ingredients, many recipes also allow an additional component, such as almond milk or simple syrup, as options to complete the drink.

Currently, this drink is blossoming in New York, though Mexico and Sweden also love their coffee lemonade combos. If you’re curious with your cold brew, you don’t have to travel to try it. There are many videos and recipes online that will show you how to nail the trend. We recommend 8oz. of cold brew coffee, mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice or syrup. Then you can add almond milk, tonic water, simple syrup, or nothing else if you like your coffee black.

Summer may be ending soon, but iced coffee lemonade sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon by the pool.

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