Here’s How to Watch The Women’s Tennis Singles Finals at the Olympics

If you’ve been keeping up with your Olympic tennis (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll know it hasn’t been the best Games for the Williams sisters. Venus Williams lost during the very first round to Belgium’s Kirsten Flipkins. Serena Williams made it to round 3 before losing to Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina, a loss that Williams took gracefully. However, Madison Keys is currently working her way through the semifinals, making her a definite contender for the final round. Whether this USA representative is playing for Gold or for Bronze, the women’s tennis singles finals are not ones you want to miss.

The women’s tennis singles finals take place in two categories: one match for the Bronze medal and one match for the Gold (and Silver for the loser) medal. If Keys wins her semifinal match, she’ll be competing for Gold against Mónica Puig of Puerto Rico. If she doesn’t, she’ll compete for Bronze against Petra Kvitová of the Czech Republic. The matches will be streamed back-to-back so you’ll know who takes home what by the end of the games. Here’s how to watch:

Women’s Tennis Singles Finals Details

Where: The Olympic Tennis Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date: Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Time: 12:00 pm PT for the Bronze Medal match, 2:00 pm PT for the Gold Medal match
TV Channel: NBC Sports Network

How To Stream Women’s Tennis Singles Finals On Your Computer

You’ll want to head over to NBC for the official coverage of the games. is the official provider of online streams for the Olympic Games. The channel will even provide viewers with a free 30-minute preview for first-time users. If you or your parents have cable, just log in once to verify your cable account and you’ll be able to watch the whole event uninterrupted (Chances are the temporary pass won’t reset if you’re using incognito mode).

You can live stream the events at

How To Stream Women’s Tennis Singles Finals On Your Mobile Device

Similar to using a computer, NBC will be providing the live stream for mobile devices as well. Your best bet will be the NBC Sports app, which also requires a cable subscription log-in. Again, hit up your parents or friends who have cable; it won’t charge them anything. The NBC Sports app works great for both mobile phones and tablets.

Download NBC Sports from iTunes Store | Google Play Store

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